One day in Shanghai : Food!

So as you all might know, we were kinda stranded in Shanghai for like a day. Enough of all the complaints and ramblings about the world recognize culture of China, we will be talking about food in Shanghai airport instead. Something happier!

IMG_20171019_081045_resized_20171202_105117227So we bought China Eastern Airlines from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul transiting in Shanghai using the code sharing airlines call Shanghai Airlines. To be honest, thumbs up for the in flight service and the food is awesome as well. 

IMG_20171019_084350_resized_20171202_105116876Hello welcome to Shanghai Airport! 

IMG_20171024_082156_resized_20171202_104902097 IMG_20171024_082215_resized_20171202_104901892IMG_20171024_082117_resized_20171202_104900538The first transit was smooth so we were just taking some nice photos and exploring the airport. Everything is fine. And subway is called “SAI BAI WEI” which is kinda funny because if you think other wise, you will get what I mean. Hahaha!

IMG_20171019_151853_resized_20171202_105117048IMG_20171019_085416_resized_20171202_105116697English sucks as usual. If you do understand what they are trying to say, please let me know.

So during the returning trip we got some hiccups that you can read it here but nevertheless we settled down in a Chinese restaurant for some food to heal our tummy. Lets just talk about food yo!

IMG_20171024_080346_resized_20171202_104902589So I have no idea what is the name of the restaurant as maybe I am too angry to take note that time but food definitely cures.

We ordered a few to share. Price is above average in airport.

IMG_20171024_074641_resized_20171202_104900725 IMG_20171024_074656_resized_20171202_104901258We had this fresh shrimp wonton noodles and it is very delicious. Noodles is al Dante and the soup and clear and sweet. The price came with one whole shrimp with well marinated minced meat in the wonton. No complain, it was a very satisfying bowl of good noodles.

IMG_20171024_075306_resized_20171202_104902915 IMG_20171024_075646_resized_20171202_104900309Shrimp dumplings aka har gao. Look at the size!!! 

IMG_20171024_075859_resized_20171202_104901582LOOK AT THE GIANT HARGAO! They have at least 3 whole shrimps in one! I am not a big fan of har gao but my bro and my dad loves them so much! Shrimp is fresh and sweet as well!

IMG_20171024_075330_resized_20171202_104901399Meat Dumplings. No complain, the food served is all fresh and delicious!

IMG_20171024_075318_resized_20171202_104901747 IMG_20171024_075505_resized_20171202_104900860Crab roe soup dumplings! This is something worth sharing. Similarly as the crab roe soup dumplings in Din Tai Fung, this one have more of a stronger crab roe flavor to it. Not a bad thing, people who love crab roe definitely heart this one!

IMG_20171024_075542_resized_20171202_104901084Salted egg yolk custard bun! One of my favorites! At times you will be served egg yolk bun which is overly sweet or just custard or the yolk is not flowing but this one is just nice! You can even tasted the egg yolk texture from the runny yolk! 

I hate to say that but food in Shanghai is really delicious!! Even the pathetic looking meal we claimed for the flight cancellation is surprisingly tasty and appetizing! Regardless how much MSG they add in or wad, it just taste amazingly good to me!

IMG_20171024_001357_resized_20171202_104902281Clockwise : Rice, meatball, beancurd skin meat roll, braised chicken drumstick, pickle mustard green stir fry with eggs and veges! Somewhat missing that meal. hahahahaha! Dont judge!