Phnom Penh Day 1 : Central Market, Russian Market, Royale Palace, Cambodian Street Food, Happy Pizza!

A very noisy flight journey and we finally reached Phnom Penh, the capital and the largest city in Cambodia. These 3 girls go straight to the mobile data counter but as for me, hoho.. its only a 3 days trip so I’ll just enjoy my holiday 😀

DSC00600Tips in Phnom Penh — Take your tuk tuk because tuk tuk is cheaper. and ALSO BARGAIN no matter how, they will shout out a sky high price for tourists and its all depend on your bargaining power. Tuk tuk at the airport area is slightly more expensive, USD 9 (because our bargain power is not that good) But if you are willing to walk out from the airport across the road, you can get tuk tuk for USD 5.

DSC00609 DSC00610_pGood thing about the people in the airport, they warned us on how to take care of yourselves and our bags.. Bags should never ever put on your kneel or outter side of your tuk tuk. It should be crossed your body or your arms and hide inside. SERIOUSLY!

DSC00611 DSC00612Traffic in Phnom Penh was bad. As bad as Manilla, as bad as Vietnam.. and its freaking dusty.. people in Phnom Penh are mostly dark skinned but oh well, just enjoy your being a Queen because no matter where you go (except Sky bar and Casino), everyone will keep looking and staring at you. Just enjoy the attention then. Hahaha!

DSC00614 DSC00616We stayed at Blue Corner Boutique Hotel, a very decent and clean hotel with a very strategic location. And here goes our first wefie!

DSC00615_pOff we go to the Central Market, which is located just along our hotel. Walking is very pleasant during that moment because surprisingly the weather is very cooling. Like 22 or 24 degree celcius only.. in the morning. Afternoon is DAMN HOT. Here, we enjoy our stroll along the town and start hunting for some local beers!

DSC00618_p DSC00619 DSC00620 DSC00621_pCant pass the beers man! Its so much cheaper than your coke!! USD 1

DSC00625Central Market is one of the busiest market for the Phnom Penhs as well as one of the famous tourist attraction. They have everything you can think off. Let the pictures enlighten you ok? And again.. before you buy anything.. BARGAIN! show no interest although you so wanted to bring them home.. Bargain for the price that you can accept!DSC00628 DSC00630 DSC00635 DSC00636_p
DSC00641 DSC00642And we settled our lunch at Central Market, there’s a section selling all the local food. Yums! I kinda recommend this place because all the random stall served delicious food. ASK FOR PRICE FIRST. Dont forget you are a tourist.

DSC00643 DSC00644 DSC00646 DSC00647 DSC00651 DSC00653 DSC00654 DSC00655If not, you will end up like our first dish.. Was too excited to see the freshly grilled squid and we just order..

DSC00648 DSC00649 DSC00658USD 12 for this plate. NOW you know you have to be alert before buying anything. Hmmm!

DSC00661But I would say it is beyond delicious. SOOO good so fresh so sweet! 

We just randomly ordered some food and all turn out to be very appetizing. 

DSC00659This is the best.. some fried local noodles with beef and egg. We came back for this during our last day in Phnom Penh!

DSC00671Grilled pork and rice. One of your favourite too. What makes it different is the sauce they used I think, a lil bit more to sweet but the meat is very tender. Marination spot on!

DSC00660Porridge. Very different from what we have in Malaysia or Singapore. Their version of porridge is very flavourful, and its full of ingredients..

DSC00668Or if you wanted to try fried pig ears? Nice too!

And the cheapest thing to munch.. my fear factor. 

DSC00656If you know me well enough, im afraid of worms. ALL kinds of worms. I could scream and imagine it crawling on me even when I see it. OK. Stop. Im a daredevil, I dare to try all kinds of weird food EXCEPT worm related. But lucky for me.. its not long and wriggly.. I can take it.

DSC00686-tileMy virgin worm eating..! Huhuhu! To most of you, maybe its just a cute worm.. I ate tarantula in Cambodia.. not as scary as this also lei.. Merely just because I am ‘worm-phobia” hohoho!

DSC00672_p-tileOK..! Virgin worm.. come!

DSC00716Surprisingly it tasted good. Like dried corn kinda taste. oh nom nom nom.. I think I had 5 of the worms. Hehehe! All of the above lunch cost us around USD 2 to 4 per portion, except the damn grilled squid.


After a massive shopping in Central Market, we headed to Russian Market, Russian Market is not in a walking distance so you may  need to take a tuk tuk. But first, toilet break, advisable to just hop in any malls nearby for the toilet. You know how nasty the market toilet can be.. 


DSC00727Did i mention the street is dusty? Yes… you can walk like Claudia… use a transparent shawl and cover the whole head but you still can see the road. Muahahaha!

DSC00732Our map lady..

DSC00733And just close your eyes when you are in Tuk Tuk. Cars and tuk tuk and bikes comes in all direction. Keep calm and somehow you will reach your destination. Hehe!

Russian Market is overall smaller, the fashion sense are lower but their price is so much lower and they sell souvenirs.  

DSC00734 DSC00735 DSC00736 DSC00737 DSC00739 DSC00740 DSC00741There’s a food section at Russian Market too but the whole place look very down.. so we just left. Half an hour is more than enough. Good thing about Russian Market, I bought a baby dress for my bear for only USD 2. Hahaha! Cute max!

DSC00745Back to our hotel around 3pm and enjoyed our Welcome cocktail. *slurp* It was around 4pm when we decide to venture the Royal Palace. Royal Palace is within 20 minutes walking distance from our boutique hotel. BUT FIRST, we need to cross the busiest street in Phnom Penh which is just impossible..

DSC00751So this very kind traffic police is like a hero coming out from no where and just block all the cars and escort us to the other side of the road. OMG THANK GOD! #feellikequeenspatrolingthetown

DSC00752The main pedestrian entrance to the Royal Palace. Royal Palace closed at 5pm so make sure you know the time. Royal Palace in the olden days were serves as a residence of the Kings. So now you can feel how the King’s place is. hehehe!

DSC00753Proper attire is needed. Means no shorts, singlet, sexy dress and so on. Arms and Legs should be covered.

Some beautiful Pictures of us in Royal Palace..!

DSC00758 DSC00760 DSC00761 DSC00772_ DSC00777 DSC00778_p DSC00780 DSC00781_p DSC00787_p DSC00790_pTime pass easily when we were repeatedly doing the Jump shots and before we can realised, we were the last 4 to go out. 

DSC00799_pOn the way back to the hotel,  we went pass some interesting hawker stall and just couldnt resist to give it a try

DSC00808This is a drink stall… we were attracted because the queue is damn long… so we ordered one ice milk coffee.

DSC00810_p_IT WAS SO GOOD. Tracy and I both were not coffee drinkers but we fall in love with this milk coffee thoroughly.

Next was the food stall beside some secondary school. I immediately stopped them to give it a try because I thought it was Banh Mi (my favourite Vietnamese baguette).

DSC00812 DSC00815Looks alike right with the baguette there but unfortunately it was not.. or maybe Cambodian version of Banh Mi.

DSC00816Just a very simple stall where you have to sit down like a school kids. Hehe!

The local dont understand english or even mandarin, we keep pointing to what others were eating but we were so lucky that some of the students there speak mandarin, so they just help us to converse our order. Hohohoho!

DSC00814Look soo good! especially the eggie (Ended up they forgot our eggs because business was so good)

DSC00820The grill meat with this baguette is satisfying. We love local street food!

DSC00817_p*happy tummy*

BTW.. Cambodian street dogs were all very cute and clean. hoho! 

DSC00822Again, back to hotel and rest until hunger strikes us for dinner. Plan for today, The famous Cambodian Happy Pizza! BUT first! Extreme Wefie first!

DSC00823_p-horz DSC00832_p DSC00833_p DSC00852_pWe settled down at Happy Herb Pizza after so many reviews from the Internet. It was located at Sisowath Quay aka the famous Riverside Walk in Phnom Penh. Happy Pizza refers to Pizza with marijuana toppings. Its legal in Cambodian and its refers as one of their herbs instead of drugs. 

DSC00853 DSC00867Draught beer at USD 0.50 say what! Give us 12 mugs please!

DSC00854 DSC00855_pWe were so happy chit chatting and drinking our beers until the scary bunch of kids came.

DSC00866They will come and ask for money or buy their stuff or even ask for food and drinks.. BEWARE! Dont be soft hearted, if you give one of them, all the 20 will come straight at you. They are very irritating as they will just touch you, smell your hair suddenly and play with your hair.. or just stare at you. GAHHHHH!!!!!! Just beware of those kids! I even saw some of them climbing up the chairs of a Aussie couple and just hug their head. I WAS LIKE OMG… dont you ever come near me T.T

Apart from Happy Pizza, we ordered the pork and rice again! Yums!

DSC00868and some Khmer hot soup for sharing…! 

DSC00871And here comes the Pizzas!! We had Special Pizza

DSC00874 DSC00876and Ham Pizza

DSC00878Its like a really good pizza with a crunchy thin crust. The green colour things you saw is the Marijuana. Oh nom nom nom* I believe the non marijuana pizza will be very good too. Oh.. just say you want to add herbs and they will know. 🙂

DSC00879-horzHappy Pizza Happy me!

DSC00893Cheers to the first day of Phnom Penh! 

DSC00896_pIf you are not fond of herb pizza, go for the normal non-herb pizza. Just try the pizza, it easily beats most of the pizzas in Malaysia. *oh nom nom nom*

DSC00900A long and tiring night so we just hang out at some quiet lounge nearby the riverside walk.

DSC00902One cocktail before we call it a night!