Phuket Stay : Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort

Outrigger Laguna Beach Resort is not for someone who likes adventures, who is a social bomb or who love crowded places. It is more for people who want relaxation, quiet time, peaceful environment, away from the busiest street of Phuket but still be able to connect to the nature through the private beach surrounded. 

DSC08869Outrigger Laguna Beach Resort, located along the Bang Tao beach approximately 1 hour drive from the famous Patong Beach. Might not be your first choice for accommodation if you are a first timer to Phuket but definitely a good alternative for those who went to Phuket for a few times and just opt for a few days of getaways. In short, you can just spend your whole day at the resort enjoying the facilities and amenities provided.

DSC08518We were greeted with very polite receptionists, a welcome drink and a flower band to show your appreciation for choosing the resort. DSC08513_pI love the scent of the flowers. 

DSC08519Of coz, along with keren and le brother. Hellu keren! Forever so cute. #obsessionneverend

The surroundings of the resort is spectacular. DSC08693Lobby shows the traditional beauty of the island.. 

DSC08647 DSC08648

Breakfast area is big enough too. And one of the thing I love about the beach resort is… they serve really good breakfast. Breakfast is the motivation of waking up before 10am. hahahahahaha! You wont want to miss that. 

DSC08691The common area is very cozy as well. This section is where the live band perform during the night. Long sofas allow you to relax and just enjoy the music. Not to forget your cocktails please!

Now lets take a look at the rooms! Awesomely spacious. 

DSC08521The room is for two person but you can easily sleep 5 comfortably. Of coz, not to encourage you guys to smuggle your friends in but just to show how spacious it is. 

DSC08523Saw the platform bed near the window? Yes! grab a beer and enjoy your time there!

DSC08626The twin bedrooms

DSC08627Wash room with their uniquely designed bath tub. Feel like a mini swimming pool instead. hahaha!

DSC08628 DSC08630Toiletries 

DSC08631And your snacks!

DSC08857And the most important thing… BIG MIRRORS!

DSC08655_pAnd and there’s this very cute baby elephant that come visits twice a day for the hotel guest to take picture with. She likes apples..! I guess it make sense why the apples at the breakfast lounge always finish so fast huh! Hehehe!

DSC08675Oh.. did I mentioned the gorgeous garden? 

DSC08666 DSC08671 DSC08674 DSC08687YES it is very peacefully pretty! 

DSC08688There’s a lake at the opposite side of the garden as well. You can opt for a boat tour but nah.. not my thing too troublesome.

DSC08659 DSC08662The private beach. No squeezing like Patong Beach. Just calm and forever alone at the beach. Hahahaha!

DSC08783 DSC08786 DSC08799 DSC08800 DSC08816 DSC08818 DSC08831Some night scene of the resort. Just so mesmerized isn’t it.. 

There’s restaurants and cafes in front of the beach area if you are not afraid of mosquito.. For us, we opt to dine inside. hahahahaha! Simple dinner to first off our first day in Phuket and 1 more night to go!

DSC08844Forever favourite Bread and butter to start off.

DSC08845Pad thai with egg nest and prawn.

DSC08853It has been such a long time since I last ate Pad Thai. Fall in love with it all over again

DSC08847Tom Yam Gung. Thai dish is never complete without tom yam gung! Light and refreshing.

DSC08849Curry chicken rice for sharing

DSC08851Egg Carbonara for le bro who likes to go for Italian


and lasty Thai Expensive satay for sharing..!

Not a bad dinner but dining in the resort will have higher cost of coz. Buy the comfort Buy the convenience!