Pontianak Travel Guide (1/2) : Things you should know about Pontianak | Where to stay in Pontianak? | Places to visit in Pontianak

I just came back from a 1 week work trip in Pontianak and thanks to buddy Eko, I get to know more about Pontianak. From there I would like to share with all of you about the little tips i got from my local friends! 


Things you should know about Pontianak :

1. Knowing a lil bit of Indonesia Language helps a lot
The Indonesia language is somehow similar to our Bahasa Malaysia but its different as well. But if you know how to speak bahasa malaysia, it will helps. Do try to learn and adapt to Bahasa Indonesian when you are in Pontianak because it really will make your  life easier. Basic words to share:

Cerowok = Man
Cerewek = Lady
Cerowok Gantang = Handsome Man
Waysay = Toilet
Kama = Room
Moto = Motorcyle
Mobil = Car
Enak = Yummy
Lucu = Cute
Kalian = You
Marga = Surname

Okay.. suddenly cant think of any liao. Hahahahahahha! 

2. It is best to visit if  you have local friends around

Typically, there are a lot of shops selling similar items but if you have locals to bring you around, you will be able to try all the good stuff. And to avoid double standard in pricing too. It is hard to explore Pontianak without a car or transport. So.. yea.

3. Motorcycles are everywhere and they are the KING of the road

It is very easy to own a motorcycle in Pontianak that’s why they are everywhere. They can drive wherever they want to even in an apposite direction or an illegal U-turn. You have to anticipate they next move no mater you are in the right lane or whatsoever. If accident happens, whether you are right, you are still wrong. They are the King.. and don’t even think about calling a traffic officer for help.

4. Road are very narrow

Road are generally very narrow even in the highway or the overhead bridge. Its just enough for a car to go up and another car to go down. No room for others

5. There’s no law in driving

You can drive however you want just need to be careful of the bikes. No seat belt is needed but please do put on your seat belt for your own sake.

6. Air is very polluted

It is very hazy all the way. 

7. It is not safe to go out at night

Whether you are a male of a female. Its not safe to go out at night unless you have a local friend to bring you around.

8. Pontianak is always very hot as it is located at the Equator

9. Beverages is ultra sweet

TOO SWEEET! Do not order less sugar. You can just make it.. without sugar. 

10. There is only one shopping mall in Pontianak

Ayani Mall is the only megamall in Pontianak. Cinemas, exhibition and all the sales will be in Ayani Mall.

11. Girls generally do not smoke and drink in the public

If female smoke in the public, people will look at  you like you are a monster

12. There’s some restricted are which is not advisable to go

13. Do not put your valuable items on the table while eating

Like I said, its not safe. Keep your phone in your bag or pocket to lower the risk of being snatch.

14. You need to pay an amount of 2000 to 5000 rupiah to an usher no matter where you park

Even if you park at the roadside, if someone help you to ascot the car, you have to pay.

15. Most of the Indonesian are generally friendly


Where to stay in Pontianak?

If  you want to stay near the Ayani Mall, stay at Mercure Hotel like I did.


DSC01062If you want to stay along the street food, stay at either Harris Hotel, Hotel Gajah Muda or Aston Hotel Pontianak


Where to visit in Pontianak?

1. Paradis-Q Water Park Pontianak

It is the largest water themed park in Pontianak. Not only it is the largest, they have the latest water-themed games and facilities. They are planning for future development of villas at the same area too. Please stay tune.

DSC00879DSC00864 DSC00866 DSC00869 DSC00875DSC00865The waves pool!! I wanna try this so badly

DSC00872The racing path! Something I am  dying to try 🙂

2. The Equator Monument / Tugu Khatulistiwa 

The monument makes the division between the northern and southern hemispheres. So you can basically step your foot one side on the northern hemisphere and one side on the southern hemisphere. 
IMG-20170117-WA0020p IMG-20170117-WA0027_meitu_p


3. A boat ride at the waterfront

Take a cruise at the waterfront sailing along the Kapuas river, the longest river in Indonesia and the world longest island rivers

DSC00904 DSC00907 DSC00912 DSC00913 DSC00922


4. King’s Crab Restaurant

Not the best food but the environment is a plus point. 

DSC01063 DSC01064 DSC01065 DSC01084 DSC01086 IMG-20170118-WA0082_p

After all these basic info, you are ready for the MUST EAT FOOD IN PONTIANAK!