Pontianak Travel Guide (2/2) : 34 Must Eat food in Pontianak

Welcome to Pontianak! If you haven read my part 1 of Pontianak Travel Guide, please do so and you are good to be showered with all these delicious food pictures. 1 week in Pontianak is a very tummy friendly one, from early morning breakfast food to all day long snacks. I believed with my foodie buddy Eko bringing me around, I’ve basically covered almost all the must eat food in Pontianak! SO, Lets go! 

DSC00835The iconic bamboo weapon used in Pontianak in the olden days. 

  1. Nasi Campur / Nasi Ayam

DSC00833Nasi Campur or Nasi Ayam is a mixed rice with assorted meats. It look very normal but the taste is surprisingly very different than what we have in Malaysia. Unlike the sauce we had in Malaysia which is very watery and salty. This one is very flavourful and thick, its like there are some spices infused it in, salty with a mild sweetness in the sauce. The rice is very fragrant, all the meats are seasoned with their special sauce and what i can say is, they are very addictive. The famous one will be Nasi Ayam Afu

2. Kwecap

DSC00843 DSC00849_pKwecap is basically rice rolls served with garlic bits accompanied with a bowl of hearty mixed pork offal soup. I love the rice rolls because its  very tender and the crispy garlic bits just added more flavour to it. Soup is clear and ridiculously delicious. How to eat it? I love to eat my meat with sweet soy sauce and lime. Yums!

3. Traditional Coffee & Kue Bingka

DSC00850 DSC00851The coffee in this particular cafe Aming is ultra famous and its packed with humans! You might need to share table for this cup of hand pulled house brewed coffee but for me, its overly sweet the milk had already covered the aroma of the coffee. But i heard its always this sweet to suit the local’s taste. How sweet it is? Its like a sweet glass of coffee, half coffee half condensed milk and I am serious I cant even finish 1/3 of the coffee. However, the kue bingka (the yellow custard tart) is very delicious. Pastry is flaky and the custard is smooth and sweet. Definitely one of my favourite dessert.

4. Es Krim Angi


Es Krim Angi is the famous one in Pontianak. Its basically scoops of different flavours ice creams served in a coconut shell topped with various of condiments like jack fruits, beans, jelly and anything that you can think of. 

5. Che Hun Tiao & Bongko

DSC00860 DSC00861Che hun tiao is the transparent jelly alike thing which is normally served in their local dessert. The green colour thing is called bongko and it is by far my favourite dessert because it is not overly sweet. Its like a very dense jelly with a mochi texture. Love it!!

DSC00862And the service.. You can just order and eat in your car. #superb

6. Bubur Ikan

DSC00894 DSC00900Fish Porridge, one of the thing i swear I will come back for more! The fish is so fresh you can see the clear line between the meat and the skin with a layer of gelatin in between. Its not really for someone who love plain and light porridge, this porridge is very very powerful in flavour. Thick and heavy just the way i like it.

7. Avocado Juice

DSC00925I bet everyone love Avocado juice! The difference between this and the normal avocado juice is that my buddy ask the boss to add in fresh chunks of avocado. So after you slurp, you have to open the cover and eat the fruits. Yums!

8. Nasi Kari

DSC00929Nasi kari means curry rice, the curry served here is more to the coconut base, curry is not too thick and heavy it is drinkable. Every each of the rice is soaked in the curry soup. I especially like how they served it with the coconut milk curry with the young coconut shoots. We had this awesome goodness at Nasi Kari Achai

9. Bakmi Kepiting

DSC01058 unnamedBakmi Kepiting is a crab meat noodles. Similar to dry noodles, its served with a giant crab pincir! 

10. Gulai Kambing

DSC00935 DSC00937OH MY GOAT!! One of my favourite favourite thing on earth! — MUTTON — its a must try! I duno how to describe this because every bite is happiness! The lamb is literally fall off the bone type, stewed in the gravy until its heavily infused with the flavour. The gravy is not too spicy, more towards like spicy and sweet. Best thing on earth to eat with rice!

11. Char KweTiaw

DSC00943The charcoal fried kwe tiaw is very impressive. You know when  you fried your food using charcoal, they have this smoky aroma attached to it, yes that’s what I am talking about. You can see locals queueing up for this. Noms!

12. Bakso

DSC00945 DSC01011Bakso is generally a very common delicacies served in Indonesia. Here, we have the flat meatballs and the ordinary rounds one. It is said that the flat one is a better bakso because they use very fine meat to make it whereas for the round ones, they mixed all the different meats together. However, I love the round ones more because its more al dente for me and I like to rough texture from meatballs like there are still skin fat or tendons in it. MUAHAHHA

13. Teh Botol

DSC00947Taste just like the normal teh with sugar syrup. Not too bad but nothing to shout about

14. Sup Kambing

DSC00950OH MY OH MY! Another overwhelming dish for me. Its mixed lamb sup with all the lamb offal and different parts of meat stewed in a pot of hearty milky tangy soup. 

DSC00953You should eat with sweet soy sauce and a lime squeeze to it, eko said. And he is always right. Pack with flavours. If you are not a lamb person or are afraid of the heavy lamb taste, the milky and tangy soup actually help to cut through the overpowering lamb soup making you craving for more. 

15. Sate Kambing


16. Martabak Manis Cripsy (Polos Keju)

DSC00958 DSC00961Something similar to our crispy peanut pancakes, you can choose what fillings you want. We order the cheese one and we never regret about it. You can taste a lot of butter, peanuts and cheese. Soooo good sooo fattening. 

17. Cita Rasa Kuih Muih

DSC00966The kuih all look very similar but the taste varies a lot. I started to prefer Pontianak kuih more because their flavours is more distinguished. For example the shredded coconut rolls, the filling is packed with coconut flavour and palm sugar, you can also taste the coconut aroma on the outer layer. Egg tart, instead of just the custard with sugar, you can actually taste the richness of the eggs, the sweetness of the custard and the buttery flaky crust with it. SO GOOD SO FATTENING again!

18. Balinese Food & Green Sands

DSC00970 DSC00973I somewhat missed balinese food and here, food is prepared by  authentic Balinese couples. They also have this Green sands non alcohol beer. Yums!

19. Pondok Kakap Kepiting Asap

DSC00982 DSC00983 DSC00990 Kepiting means Crab. Asap means Smoke. SMOKED CRAB IT IS!! Crab stuffed with their specialty spices and bring too smoked. You need some skill to smoke the crab so that it could lock in all the juicy essence of the crab in this humongous crab. YES.. HUMONGOUS!!! 

IMG-20170114-WA0072Its as big as a palm of a fully grown man!! SATISFIED!

20. Ikan Semah

DSC00991Ikan semah is a very delicate fish. I like my fish steamed, it is the simplest way to eat fresh fish i would say!

21. Ayam Bakar

DSC00999Nothing too shout about but its nice!

22. Sup Buntut


23. Bola Keladi Goreng

DSC01013These are fried yam balls. Very dense that one piece will make you happy and full.

24. He Tiau

DSC01023He Tiau is fried prawn batter. Not my favourite. Its a little bit bland. 

25. Ko Kue

DSC01029Ko Kue is like rice batter or yam batter served with salty prawns or meats and fried garlic served with their soy sauce. 

26. Chai Kwe

DSC01032Their cai kwe is similar to what we have in Malaysia, a thin layer of rice flour stuffed with different fillings like yam, chives, tofu, yam bean. Steamed and topped with fried minced garlic. 

27. Rujak Mangga

DSC01033Preserved young mango served with spicy sauce

28. Lontong Sayur

DSC01038Now this is so unhealthy yet one very addictive food, lontong sayur. Lontong sayur is a dish where compressed rice cakes, all kinds of vegetables, tofu, egg, meat are mixed together served in a coconut milk tossed with sambal and some local spices. You know everything shimmered in coconut milk is magic.

29. Otak Otak

DSC01047Now the otak otak is something different that what we have in Malaysia. Similar as a fish paste, the batter is different. In Malaysia, our Otak otak is more like mushy and soft, in Pontianak, their otak otak is firm and al dente. I love both otak otak, different taste different texture but equally unique and delicious. It is served with a peanut sauce. I can easily finish 5 myself.  

30. Empek empek

DSC01048Empek empek is a savoury fish cake delicacy which is deep fried and then served with a citrus tangy sauce.

31. Jus Alpukat + Alpokat Kerok

DSC01054Fruits smoothies and fermented rice wine. Very interesting one but I would go back and have more. 

32. Kwe Kia Theng

DSC01098 DSC01099Kwe Kia Theng is the least preferable among all the dish i have sampled. Not that its not good, its exactly the same as our Kueh Chap in Malaysia. Pork offal and rice sheets served in dark broth. Not my favourite.

33. Lidah Buaya

DSC00933Aloe vera!! Look at the generous cubes of aloe vera! My top 2 fav drinks after Jeruk Nipis. Jeruk nipis is their local wild lime.

34. Tau Suan

DSC01055Tau suan is a sweet and sticky local mung bean dessert.