Supertree Dining – Gardens by The Bay

What to eat at Gardens by The Bay? We choose Supertree Dining, which is located at the center of the Supertree Grove. Admission is free to the Supertree Grove (5am-2am) but if you want to climb up to the structure to OCBC Skyway (9am-9pm), the admission fee is around SGD3-SGD5 per person. 


Anyway, we went there for a very short visit. Mainly to explore the Supertree Grove and to dine only. 🙂

In the Supertree Dining hall, there are 5 main restaurants. I guess you can probably only choose one at a time because each restaurants have their specific seating its not like a food court, you cant do cross-ordering. 


Among the 5 restaurants are Peach Garden Noodle House, Texas Chicken, Union Square Cafe, Casa Verde and Hill Street Coffee Shop.


DSC03831We had a very heavy lunch that afternoon so we choose to order something lighter for dinner. Hill Street Coffee Shop it is. 



DSC03813The old newspaper is the menu. Hehehe! 

DSC03832We ordered Yuan Yang Cold (SGD 2.60) and Teh C (SGD 2.50).

DSC03836_pThe classic old school type of cup is so attractive right?Or isit me only as i like the classic old historical stuff. hohohoho! Drinks are normal. Guess the glass make it nicer tho.. 🙂

DSC03834Seafood with fragrance rice noodle (SGD 9.90) 

DSC03841Street Fried Hokkien Mee (SGD 9.90)


DSC03851Otah (SGD 2.00)

DSC03845Curry Chicken with Steamed Bread (SGD 9.90)

DSC03843The bread is served in the steaming basket. 4 thick white bread per serving.

DSC03846The hot steaming bread is moist and fluffy…

DSC03848Dipped in the curry sauce and it will quickly absorb to ur bread. Awesome!

DSC03838And lastly a Durian Cendol for dessert. (SGD 4.50). For myself, the food was just so so, maybe to the ranking of 3.5/10. Not bad at all but just too normal, I believe you can just get the quality of food there at most hawker centers like what we did. But well, its paying for the environment though

DSC03860We went to explore the SuperTree Grove after that..

DSC03895And realized it changes colour every hour? Because before dinner, i remembered it was like greenish purple but when I done my dinner now, it is blue and pink. Still nice!!

DSC03922The structure is breathtaking. Its beautiful, Its romantic.. Its luxurious.


DSC03873And its absolutely a good place for hanging out or dating if you really have no plans. Can just sit there and talk whole night long like what most of the people there did.

DSC03885_pThe admission is FREE. But if you would like to visit the other part of the Gardens, i’ve snap a pic of the admission fees and operating hours info for your reference and please do go early if you want to explore the whole garden. Its big. 

DSC03925We went off pretty early that night because we were all exhausted. But definitely worth the visit because… you just couldn’t always get such spectacular view everyday.