Sydney Travel Guide Day 3 : Darling Harbour, Lavender Bay, Hurricane’s Grill, Queen Victoria Building, George Street, Koko Black

Its Shopping Day! There’s always one particular day with less photos taken, that’s when we had our shopping spree. Today, we are going to explore the CBD area; from Darling Harbour to George Street to QV Building and all the areas nearby. Oh! What’s first?


20160730_070824_resizedWe start our day with homemade breakfast then exploring a little bit of our neighbourhood the Lavender Bay and Milsons Point. There’s a art gallery which Lao Mao is kinda interested so we drop by to have a look.

20160730_110607_mh1469848849660Feeling very artistic hor


After like a 5 mins tour at the art gallery.. we left for Darling Harbour!!! 

dsc00196 dsc00200 dsc00204 dsc00212 dsc00233Need not to subscribe how beautiful it is; let the picture do all the talking

20160730_115120_resized 20160730_115412_resized_p 20160730_115502_resized_p 20160730_115535_mr1469852044269 20160730_120014_resized gomeihuatemp_mh1469921940007 gomeihuatemp_mh1469922038082We spend quite sometime running and playing along the Darling Harbour bridge before we reach the other side of the bridge where the infamous Hurricane’s Grill is located!


So overall excited!

dsc00215 dsc00217We waited around 20 mins for our table and we are ready to feast!

dsc00225We had Garlic Mushroom as our appetiser and it totally blown our mind. It is so flavourful you can taste the strong aroma of fried garlic infused in the mushroom. Yums!

dsc00220The star dish of Hurricane’s Grill — The pork rib! We ordered half rack to share and it is more than enough. the portion is sooooo big i think it can cater for 5 person! 

20160730_124808_mr1469886850641Look at my gigantic pork ribs!! I mean fall of the bone pork rib! The pork rib is very juicy and tender, it is charred nicely on the outer layer but when you take a bite on it, it literally just fall off the bone with zero effort. Oh my oh my.

dsc00221 dsc00226 dsc00230We ordered another combination of steak & ribs just merely because we wanted to try all of the pork, beef and lamb! Steak is cooked medium rare and its served perfectly, marination is spot on but what caught my attention more is the lamb ribs! As a lamb person, I cant wait to dig in to the lamb rib. Personally I love the lamb rib more than the pork rib. A lot of people don’t take lamb but if you try the lamb ribs in Hurricane’s Grill, I’m sure you will fall in love with it. Soft and gelatinous lamb ribs devour with a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, what is better than this? I LOVE YOU LAMB.

20160730_124501_resizedOur sharing portion and we brought back half of them as our dinner. HAHAHAHA!

We went explore George Street after our satisfying lunch! 

dsc00236 gomeihuatemp_mh1469864338754 gomeihuatemp_mh1469886397448 People on the street are all very lovely. We being trying to snap a few wefie and some nice and random pedestrian just came for a hug and a picture.

dsc00239Nice! I love the combination of the traditional architectural buildings with a slightly modern one in one area.

fb_img_1483618486861-horzHello from us!

dsc00237 dsc00257 dsc00264 dsc00269 dsc00275 dsc00281fb_img_1483618513212We then visited the famous Queen Victoria Building. Everything is quite pricey in QV Building but its definitely worth a visit there. 

dsc00287We wanted to try Adrianno Zumbo dessert but guess we were too late! By the time we were ready for the dessert they are closing already. Its ok we will hunt the other branch the next day!

We opt for Koko Black since we haven filled up our dessert quota. They are famous for their handmade premium chocolate. 

dsc00246 dsc00247 dsc00249Hmmmm.. honestly if you asked me what have we ordered, I have no idea at all. 

dsc00250-tileBasically we just point at whichever that caught our eyes. Turn out yums too!

20160730_190607_resized_p 20160730_190654_resized dsc00292

We went back to Darling Harbour wanted to see the fireworks at 8.00pm but unfortunately there’s no firework on that month. However, the beautiful night scenery compensate our heart 🙂

20160730_160239_resized dsc00284 dsc00285 dsc00288 dsc00289End today’s blog with the beautiful scenery at the CBD area! *love*

20160730_204337_resizedOH YA! Our dinner.. Left over Hurricane’s Grill and sauteed veges!

20160730_211024_resizedand Supper >.<


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