Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh, Cu Chi Tunnel

Flew from the beautiful Hanoi to the busy city of Vietnam — Ho Chi Minh City or most commonly mentioned as Saigon in our old history text books. A city full of history and the perseverance of their monuments. 

We arrived to HCMC around afternoon time. Thanks to the boys we managed to find our hostel quickly this time and settled down for lunch just somewhere nearby because we are kind of late for our Cu Chi Tunnel half day tour. 

A restaurant called La Famille, located just some alley beside our hostel, served the fusion food of french and vietnamese. 

IMG_8933The goodies of Vietnam. The chilli sauce. I remembered we bought quite some bottles back to Malaysia. hehehe!

IMG_8936A simple and very quick lunch… Ginger pork rice

IMG_8937Tomato Omelette Rice

IMG_8941Fried Rice

IMG_8942Vegetarian Fried Rice

IMG_8944Carbonara Fettuccine with wild mushroom

IMG_8946and Tomato based spaghetti with chicken fillet

IMG_8939And of coz.. washed down by a glass of icy cold vietnamese coffee. Nom*

The journey to Cu Chi Tunnel was a disaster. The ventilation on the bus was horrible.. 3 of the ladies who sit at the last row.. we could hardly breathe! Seriously.. mood swing and cursing all the way… Hmm.. well.. not exactly all the way.. half the way.. because i think we giving out a very frustrating and almost die signal so the guys decided to switch seats with us. Muahahaha! Swear we gonna burnt the bus at that very moment. 

The guys cool us down with some happy drinks when we reach Cu Chi Tunnel after the awful more than 2 hours journey. Can cry. And here we ended up at the base camp for some educational info of Cu Chi Tunnel.

IMG_8948Cu Chi Tunnels are underground tunnels that was used during the Vietnam War during the 1960s. The tunnels were the location for several military campaigns and also the hiding spots for the Viet Cong during the resistance to American Forces.

vci508-cu-chi-tunnels3-5107a3c3d091dThere were altogether 250KM of tunnels and some were several storeys deep. The place were like a living and survivor place for the Viet Cong during the war. They hide in the tunnel and move around through the tunnels until night time where they can only come out to scavenge for supplies or to engage the enemy in the battle. There were trapdoors everywhere so that the soldiers can hide and disappear without a trace during the combat.



IMG_8953We were just impressed of how clever these soldiers were. How strong their survival will and how determined they were to outcast the war. You just love history dont you? 

IMG_8955And there is this incredible small tunnel where i dont even think i can fit in until…


IMG_8958And it is very invisible. You wont notice it if there is no one explaining on that

IMG_8970Im under Ivan’s foot

IMG_9091_pEveryone can fit in. Rose can fit in easily.. But the muscle man Kelson.. Well, still can fit in nah



IMG_8997Explore around the battlefield. Feel the energy there.. 

IMG_9000Not this one.. 

IMG_9004And bullets for big boys? 

IMG_9017Yes Yes we went for the shooting range. Only Sin’s angle is nice.. so..  ðŸ™‚ 

IMG_9020The half day tour is like experiencing the life they have been through during their Vietnam War. They even used the broken tyres to make shoes or boots for the soldiers.

IMG_9018And the highlight of the tour… The Cu Chi Tunnel. Looking down.. you can see a lady some sort of cooking something down there right..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoing through the tunnels are scary. Although they have mend the tunnels wider and taller for the tourists… NO…. its is still very scary! Thanks Rosie for this picture.. This is the only pic we had in the tunnel because it was SOOOOO DARK… Just follow ur fellowmates in front. Mine was rosie and hers is the tour guide.. AND.. you can opt out in every 500km distance IF there is a hole for  you to climb out. The pictures were taken when we were at the first section. Second section were so much lower you have to crawl….. and… we all opt ourselves out after the second section because we couldnt breathe at all… *horror* 

IMG_9031But theres always something good after that. They prepared us some snacks. Hehehhe! These snacks were their food during the war. But it was nice. Tapioca with peanuts and sugar. yums!

IMG_9034Got Food!! Happy Ending. Thanks for the tour. It was like.. some experience that you couldnt get elsewhere 🙂

And oh… did i tell you guys about the traffic in Vietnam? Specifically Hanoi? No? Yes of coz no because i haven blog about Hanoi yet. Hehehehe! Vietnam Traffic was scary. We have culture shock when we just arrived Hanoi. Imagine all of the were holding hands and screaming while crossing every single road. 

IMG_9039Ho Chi Minh was so much better in their traffic. Although the direction is still messy… you can drive anyhow you want as long as you have the skill.

IMG_9069We went for some authentic French Cuisine that evening. I have a separated post here. Please read 🙂

IMG_9041And when to loiter around the town of Ho Chi Minh after our happy dinner. 

IMG_9055Dint really get to explore much of the structure though. Instead.. they grab our time to go shopping!! Hard Rock Cafe and spend millions on their limited edition tshirt. Will reveal soon. And of coz.. bring back extra bags from the Ben Thanh Market. It was just so cheap!

We fly back the next morning bidding goodbye to our Vietnam Trip. You know.. you just wont get bored if in the airport if you have a bunch of happy travel mates.

anigifrandomWe can either entertain ourselves… 

Or watch them entertaining themselves…



IMG_9119Right guys?

IMG_9098Oh! YES you are right.. We were all wearing our NEW HARD ROCK LIMITED EDITION T. woootsss *proud proud* The guys had all the same one and ladies had all the different one. hehe

anigifGroupeLastly.. groupie at the old LCCT airport in KL before we say bye bye to Kelson…! Gonna just miss these bunch of crazy travel mates. *Miss Miss*