Christmas Lighting Ceremony @ Pullman Kuching

December is Christmas Month 😀

Another Christmas Month with the Lings and the XL size Xmas Tree in Pullman Kuching 🙂

Oh… and our Alicia!!!

This year, Pullman Kuching is organizing the Christmas Lighting Ceremony with 50 children from Kuching Autistic Association, Salvation Army and Sarawak Association for the Welfare of Intellectually Disabled Children.

Apart from that.. for the whole month of the Christmas Month, Pullman Kuching will be displaying goodies for sale such as the Christmas Ornaments, bookmarks, greeting cards, Christmas stars and many more price ranging between RM 1- RM 30. So if you feel like doing some good deeds.. you can purchase the goodies from the Christmas Tree!!

Oh.. yes yes. This is the Christmas Tree i am talking about. And Pullman Kuching call it “The Magical Xmas Tree” !! *loves*

Look at the cute things!!

They are all made by the children.. 😀

So after the Xmas Tree Lighting Ceremony with the Children.. everyone was given a ginger bread man cookies!!

Give me give me!!

Not everyone got theirs because the crowd is too big. Guess who didnt get it?

NAH.. just kidding.. we all got ours in the end. kakaka!

And.. soon.. followed by the Christmas Caroling.

At the same time.. we grab our gears and took every opportunity to snap as much pictures as we can..

Oh.. yea.. i mean.. snap pictures of our own. hahaha!


We actually enjoyed setting timer and get crazy under the Magical Xmas Tree while the people at the first floor see us as some crazy camwhoring ladies. hahaha!

So after all the snap and sweat… we continue our second round at Puzzle.

Whats for Xmas Month!!

TURKEY!! Helllo Turkey!!! *loves*

And the Chef gave Adrienne one big Turkey Drumstick!! OMG! and look at our mini chicken boxing. hehehe!

Our first round

Oh oh.. the nom nom team *slurps*

and second round…

third round, forth round, fifth round.. and many many many rounds. hoho!

tooo much food.. take a break. Hello CHH.

OK.. continue with desserts. ahhaha!

The golden thing in the glass is a fruit…!!

The original fruit.. i have no idea what is it but its very very nice. Sweet and a lil but sourish! Definitely loving it!

Shinning.Sparkling Chocolate! My CHH love it!

And ahlost‘s ice kacang without kacang =.=

It was a great xmas month gathering with the Magical Xmas Tree and my wonderful lings *hugs*

Oh.. remember to grab some of those handmade beautiful gifts ok! 😀