CNY eve.. the Year of TIGER is coming!

44 minutes to go!!! and.. the year of OX will be taken over by the roaring tiger! *nyek nyek*


We have our very early Reunion Dinner! a simple one.. jus the four of us.. and i like it!!

Mummy prepared 5 dishes.. which is more than enuf for just four of us!

Mummy’s special chicken wing! *slurps* don ask me how to do it.. i said it.. its MUMMY’s special recipe. means i duno.

Yummilicious Big fried Prawn!

Lotsa Vege with baby abalone and prawn and.. seafood! love it!

Steamed Fish..

and.. My favourite..

Stir fried Shark fin with eggie!! I love shark fin in eggs..! extremely.

i told u i love it! *winks*

So.. hows ur reunion dinner?! and btw.. i jus did my last minute shopping on cny eve! manage to grab 2 dresses. HAHAHAHA! seee.. i m sooo not in the mood for cny this year. duno why. Lazy i guess! *yawn*

Picture of the Day!