Swinburne Prom Night 2008

Its Prom!!!

In the end.. i still choose to write a post about it before i finished up my assignments. haha! Well… i went to the prom night.. It was my last prom in Swinburne. The venue was at Riverside Sarawak Chamber. The place is nice as i have my first swinburne prom at there too.. back in 2005. What a co-incidence right? My FIRST prom and LAST prom in Swinburne was actually the same place. HAHAhA!

Anyway.. i will not comment much about the prom.. What can i say is.. i like the deco. Thats it.. but compared to Prom 2005, 2006 and 2007, this one is a more.. hmm.. not so happening one.. Ok.. no offend ya.. But still.. i like the deco.. Lucky enough for me, my table is full of interesting people and we have fun.. So again, thats what i mean in my msn pm, i have a great time tonight.. not because of prom but the people i met.. Arghh.. finally understood? hehehe! Anyway people, thanks for the prom..! 

This year prom mostly consisted of juniors rather than seniors.. i can hardly see any familiar faces during prom.. *reason to be covered ya* haha! so again..lucky enuf for me.. wow..i m so lucky.. i m the youngest in my table! *NYEK NYEK NYEK* I went to prom with fabby, my closest in swinburne since foundation and we have Ken (fab’s fai), Terrence, Yii Seng, Yii Seng’s lovely gf who i duno the name (Pretty, i hope u do see u again ya), KK, Steve, Kheng and Kok Song.. Ken, Kheng, Steve and Kok Song is not from swinburne.. but stil they came. How supportive! ^^

Here’s some deco of the ballroom.

The opening ceremony

ANd most importantly, our table..Oh.. see my name? hahahaha!

Our table.. I like the rose pedals.. and Yii seng’s gf love it too! ^^

The food.. we have 8 dishes altogether.. 

Oh.. i forgot to take the picture of the Chilled longan and almond beancurd pudding (steve insisted its pudding.. Hohoho).. so u guys just imagine la hor… ^^

Okay.. here comes the random pictures of Prom 2008!!! There’s still a lot of friends which i din get to take pic with.. hmmm.. nevermind.. i still love u guys. ^^

Why is everyone is WHITE??!!!

The nOn- swinburners guys! heheheh! thanks people!

Me and Princess Fabby!

Oh.. she contributed this pic.. Woots! nice rite??!!

Ken won a lucky draw prize and he was so so so happie! hahaha! guess what’s inside? u wont wan to noe. haha! His lucky number – 280!! 

SO here comes the footloose! 

and our group pic! *fabby is so talkative.. muahahha*

And this one.. well edited by her.. she is definately a pro in photoshop eh!

What i owes like about Prom is..there always have lotsa balloons around.. last year we have Blue and Silver.. and this year.. they have red and white.. ^^

And lastly.. picture of the day!!

I like this pic the most eh.. coz its CANDID.. hahaha! u noe.. candid pic always look so cute and natural bah !!!!