Manson’s Wedding

What can you think of when you see a bouquet of pretty flowers like this?!

Woots.. it was Manson’s Wedding last year end… keke! i know its kinda an outdated post but… Nvm lah!! Still Congrats to them!! =)

The Couple’s mobile.. well.. their family did some modification so it looks better like this! before that.. it was just horribly too plain.. *nyek*

And of coz… every lady loves flowers rite? especially those with bear bears.. *teeehehehe*

Anyway.. The dinner at Lok Thian Was AWESOME!!! Look at the menu! wuakaka!

Appetizer we have steamed peanuts.. which is tender enuf to… omg!! nice!!

We have Red Wine during the nite.. huhu.. i only drank A BIT la hor.. *lalalala*

The first dish says 5 types of Shanghai-nese Cold Cuts!! Generally 5 types of food served.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab.. Yummy!

Edamame.. a kind of japanese beans soaked in alcohol..

I duno wad the name is.. but its definitely some seafood in shell.. hahaha!! Very nice hor.. i keep munching this!

Jelly Fish! always my favourite!

Char Siew… huhu!! Roasted one hor..

Second Dish was 8 treassure Shark Fin Soup

FOOOOYOOO!!! i tell u.. i never eat such shark fin soup which the portion of the shark fin is more than the soup!!

LOOK!!!! The first time in my life i feel that i wont take shark fin for months! too fulll!! Everyone has trouble finishing the shark fin…. even him!! wuakaka!  *T.T*

Third Dish.. Roasted Suckling Pig

Such a pity.. and it look horrible.. but.. It taste incredibly GOOD!! *thumbs up up up*

Fourth one.. Ebi tempura! this one is the chef recommended! with imported seaweed from Japan!

I will never get tired of this! keke!

Fifth.. steam promfret with soya sauce..

As compared to those above.. this one is a common one.. i like the greenie greenie leaf.. or u prefer to call it grass.. on top! *grin*

Sixth.. HongKong Kailan with fresh scallop

wuahahaha! GIVE ME MORE SCALLOP!!!!! i don wan the kailan! i wan scalllllloppppppppppppppp

Seventh.. Durian Puff!

No words can describe.. just see and drools!

Last but not least.. Fresh Fruits Platter with mango

Did u see the word MANGO?! All my favourite fruits are served in the dinner.. except my beloved banana!

OMG!! What can i say about the dinner??? TERRIFIC!

Picha of the day!! Told u i like Candid!! kekeke! *oh… i think i m too hungry that my bread got stuck in my eyes! keke*