January 2009 archive

Happy moo-moo year!

Oh.. so many pics to load and choose.. keke!! will update very very soon!! ANyway.. just wanted to say.. i miss the gang and everyone who visited my blog owes! *muacks muacks* Happie chinese new year woh!!!!!!!!!!

Best Lamb Noodle 2009

I dig into my picture folder and i saw this.. Hmmm.. just nice before chinese new year! I had posted about the best lamb soup in town.. so now it will be the best lamb noodle.. wuakakka!! Owes lamb hor.. coz i m a lamb freak ma.. i love both lamb and mutton!! huhu! so […]

Our premium tmot’s 25th bday @ Tarot Cafe

Whose birthday falls on the 25th of January??! Yup! Its our super beloved premiumest timothy walter voon! wuakakaka! Well.. ting is going back to sarikei for cny and na is not around kuching.. so we celebrate tmot’s birthday earlier.. AT TAROT CAFE!! Okay.. food first or people first..? people first la hor.. coz the food […]


My msn is infected by VIRUS!! its either sending a zip folder saying its my picture.. or sending words that look like i m the one who type it.. with seducing sentences like ask ppl to look at my photoshop work or what nice body stuff.. *hmpf* ANyone has any idea wad kinda virus is […]

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