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Take a break for Phuket  posts! lets talkl about food! huhuhuhuhu.. Dar brought me to this korean restaurant last week.. huhuhu! he said as a dinner for my start of another new chapter woh! hehehe.. in short.. bcoz i work so he bring me go eat lah. haha.. nth special… *keke* So this Koreana is […]

Phuket : Phi Phi Island

One of the most visited Island in Phuket is Phi Phi ISland.. And one of the most eye-opened incident is that.. Dar, Mei Xin, Vinly and I.. we spotted two dolphins at the middle of the sea and keep jumping and swimming across our cruise.. its my first time seeing dolphins in an open sea..! […]

Remembrance : Boy Boy

Death is hard to predict.. What more to say two death in two days continuously?? This evening.. Boy Boy passed away. Boy boy is a stray dog adopted by my dar, STEVE and we both took care of it… Boy Boy is a puppy actually.. it is just the most one year old plus plus. […]


Today is suppose to be happy or more towards exciting.. because today is the day i started my new chapter of life.. i am working now.. yes.. my first day of work… time to experience the cruel reality of working. =) BUT.. it turned out to be a heart-tearing day for me… 5pm.. i m […]

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