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I’m back from Japan!

Hello! I’m back from Japan! The worst feeling when you were on the plane back to Malaysia.. Holidays always end so fast. Nevermind, back to work and save more fund for the next trip! ahahahha!  Things I really miss in Japan : FOOD, so good! Just so so so so so GOOOOOD Combini (convenience stores […]

My Travel wishlist!

Over the years including some repetitive travel destinations, I’ve been to 15 countries and 41 cities. However, there’s still places that I really wanted to go but there are a lot of factors that delay the plan. I think for the next few years I am so going to not repeat travelling to places that […]

Before 30!

So this is the last month of 2015, how time flies! I’ll be 29 next year and 30 at 2017!!! One more year to go… We always have our own wishlist like things to do before 30 or things to accomplished before 30.. So what’s yours? For me, I’m easier.. I’m a wanderlust as you […]

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