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Dupy, im worried

Dupy you ok ma? 2nd August 2013.  Today is honestly weird. Very weird. Since 1st August when i woke up. I feel weird. Talk about it later. Dupy always had nightmares or i should say she always dream… A lot. Sometimes in the middle of the night or even afternoon time.. She will have nightmares [...]

A Pisces and her Bear

Overall, i think most of the pisces are emotional. Girls especially. Thats y pisces should have a bear plush beside her.  Pisces are emotional & sensitive. They have a lot of things in mind. But not everyone can understand it. Pisces tends to want to share her everything to you. Pisces tends to complain to [...]

Day 19 : Need a direction

Siens! Its beginning of May already. Nothing gets better and i am not sure what my direction is now. Thank You for all who cares. Received a comment from Ming and it really makes me think. I think i do not know what direction i m in or i want currently. You ask me what [...]

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