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I thought this time i should be able to reach KL on time. But stilll…. DELAYED for more than one hour in total..!! *hmpf* merajuk sial! The plane was there. i waited for until 12.30 thinking that we should b able to go in di coz normally if the flight is 12.45pm.. we will board […]

Ocean Park

All pictures are taken from Kheng, Jack and Dar’s camera! *weeeeeeeeeeeeeee* Last Saturday… we went to this place called Ocean Park. To be honest. its my first time. ^^ Not a bad place.. but the sea actually drag a lot of lives. So… don play in the sea if possible. This is the place we […]

Phuket : Wat Chalong + Patong Beach

LALALA!! Prepared for the 42 pics loading! wualalala.. Clement complain i have too many pics and it takes forever to load.. Tim tim complain my header is super slow to load.. HUUHUHUHUHUHU! *SOBX* its true oso nah.. am finding solution ma.. *teehehe* Be Patient a bit nah.. *pats pats* Here comes my postponed post on […]

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