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Kluang Station!

Yup.. Its Sunday and Its for we.. ladies gathering.. haha! Went to buy lao mao’s bday present actually but shh.. not too loud.. Don let her know.. hoho!! Went to the Spring.. First attempt is MNG.. which ended up da jie buy her stuff.. hoho.. we took some pictures too.. *remember? i picture a day […]

KL : One more day!

One more day and i got to go back to Kuching.. We wake up early in the morning.. Oh ya.. forgot to show the place we stay.. its wonderful i can say.. too bad we din bring our swimming suit thats y cant swim down there.. how sad! how pathetic!! *sobx* Anyway.. its monday so […]

KL : Convo

Its Sunday! yesh! TARC convo is on Sunday.. weird rite? he he! but good oso la.. coz more people are free during sunday ma.. ^^ And of coz.. wake up super early that day.. i was actually having a very nice sleep but too bad have to wake up early as ahlun have to reach […]

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