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Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010!

Wooots… I have completed my first non-charity marathon on the 27th of June.. Yes… I purposely fly to KL for the marathon ok! *muahahaha* And.. Heres my result.. 1:14:21! *wooots* and i m glad i can finished it in less than 90 minutes.. so here am i.. happily waiting for my cert! *winks* A day […]


Seriously.. i have nth to blog recently! hmmm!! have to put some effort and find things to blog di! *kekekekeke* So for now… let me introduce my super manja do-mo-kun! Awww.. isnt he cute!! he is one of my xmas gift last year!! and.. he is big enuf to occupied half of my bed! hohoho! […]

Velocity Indoor Go Karting.. AGAIN

*** Updated with more pictures! hehhe!! I m addicted! addicted to Go karting.. and proudly and happily to announce.. I m the member of VELOCITY GO KARTING liao.. muahaha!! same goes to Gordon, Kuo Yang, Rose, Johnston and Paul.. wuahahaha!! Being a member u get this… ^^ *jeng jeng* oh gosh! my eyes are REALLY […]

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