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SObx!! haven got the time to update my blog.. *haih* I miss blogging!! I hate UNI!!! hate hate hate!!! SO stresss!! so many work….!!! SO FUZZY!!!!!! i got so many sim su..!!! so many hard times.. gosh!! i promise i will exploded after my assignments and everything is done!!!!!! *ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH****  Anyway.. I just wana say […]

I feel NErd……y…!

UUUiks! Haih!!! I have been working days and nights for my super loaded assignments for a week oledi.. *haih* Pimples.. Dark circle.. eye bags.. sleepy face.. 3 hours sleep.. stay at Uni for the WHOLE day.. went home at midnight.. arghhh!!! Asssssignments are EVIL!!!!!! and worse come to worst.. My wireless at home SPOILT!!!!!! arrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! […]

Congrats Yien.. *wuakaka*

weehehe! after waiting for like.. almost 3/4 of my semester.. my merit scholarship finally comes!! so long geh!  Congratsss congratsss.. Thankiuk Thankiukk.. hoho.. its has been a while since i get to mingle around with my swinburne darlings stafffss! *wwwoooots* so nice to see u guys again wor! Kia. lets go shopping!! hahaha!! The girls […]

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