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Swinburne Prom Night 2008

Its Prom!!! In the end.. i still choose to write a post about it before i finished up my assignments. haha! Well… i went to the prom night.. It was my last prom in Swinburne. The venue was at Riverside Sarawak Chamber. The place is nice as i have my first swinburne prom at there […]

My whole laptop corrupt

MY WHOLE LAPTOP CORRRUPTEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arrrghh!!!!!!! I cant post  much now because i m so so so da*n MISERABLEEEEE!!!! pendrive are evil!!!! *sobxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx* My assignment, My pictures, My songs.. and everything.. every every every everything.. GONE!!! My msn!!! Gone oso!! arrghh! *CRYINGGGGG*

One down!

Randomness.. Yes.. i have done my presentation this morning and i have one assignment handed in so.. haha! So i m like so free for a few days before i nid to strive again. I have so much things to blog about but for me.. its afternoon time and i m so sleepy.. so guess […]

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