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I m alive Kicking!

haha! yeah~ i noe i have been not updatin my blog for days.. wad can i say? i m loaded with assignments assignments assignments and assignments.. Oh.. HAIH! Anyway! I m alive kicking! woot!!! will have my presentation done this week and one assignment will be Off! yeah!!!!! Give me energy. haha

Happie Convo to Them!!

ITs convocation again.. yes.. Swinburne’s convocation is owes at the middle of august. no doubt. Next year will be MINE! muahahaha!! Okok.. i went to convo this morning.. not mine of coz.. its Saad and Ian’s. Flowers and Bears are essentials during Convo.. haha.. i mean for my own definition la.. =) i personally is […]

Snack for SUTS Grand Opening

Hoho! today i am on duty for the Swinburne Sarawak Expanded Campus Grand Opening Ceremony.. Tooks tonnes of pictures making me having difficulties in resizing and water-marking my pictures.. so haha.. giv me one day for all these and i gave u snack instead.. Here’s a little snack i have on Friday actually.. actually we […]

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