Dupy so lihai 2day!

This post will specially dedicated to Dupy as her outstanding performance today. heheh!

As you know.. Dupy is chubby and lazy.. all she loves to do are to hang out at Daddy’s aircon room, watch tv with us on my daddy’s lap, eat in her yellow bowl, try new food from my mummy and sleep during afternoon.. There is basically no tiring work for her and thats makes her keep on gaining weight all these while..

So recently we have a family mission.. which is to jog together when everyone gets home.. Dupy like to run.. i mean run for a few minutes then she will start sitting on the road waiting for daddy or mummy to carry her back.. owes is like that.. since she is young til now.. she is owes like that.. but today!! weehehehe!!! extraordinary!! she is like jog for the whole neighbourhood.. yes!! WHOLE.. its so far.. like more than half an hour.. super far ok.. i mean for her.. wuakaka!

Anyway.. just write something as a reward to encourage her to exercise more.. hehe!!

The usual walk like owes..

Dupy is like the daughter.. hehe!! my sio moi~

Oh.. dupy new pink rantai.. rantai to pull her la.. hehe!! pinkish pinkish! so cute!!

la la la!!! i purposely bring my cam when jog ok.. ^^