First time Tagged!

Yup Yup.. As this blog is really new.. this time will be the first time i got tagged.. ^^ *hehe*

This tag is tagged by my darling Xin yi!! ? *muax*

Name 10 people to do this survey! Answer these question honestly..


1. Lao Mao

2. Eko aka Jiu ai

3. Serene

4. Kim

5. Jimmy

6. HanPing

7. AhPaul

8. Alex

9. Becky

10. ahLost

1. Are you allowed to have a bf/gf?

– Yeah.

2. Describe yourself in one word

– Confusing.

3. Who would you pick, someone who really loves you or the one you really love???

– Someone who really loves me.

4. Have you ever loved someone BEFORE but never had the courage to tell him/her?

– Yeah.

5. Does it feel good to love?

– No. Love hurts.

6. God is giving u just 5 more minutes to live, IF you love someone special, what will you say to that person?:

– I wish things never turned out like that..

7. What will you say to someone who doesn’t want to believe you??

– When it really happens.. then don say i never remind u o..

8. Was ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?

– Yeah.

9. What’s your opinion about someone who’s jealous?

– Depends on what kind of jealousy.. some is reasonable but some is totally out of no reason which is very annoying..

10. What can you say about playboy and playgirl?

– Dont get near me.. hehe!

[PART 2]

1. Best place to cry?

– When i am alone in my room during midnights

2. Who do you love the most?

– God and Family.

3. Tell us your dream last night

– Cant remember.. i think i dint dream of any last night..

4. Ever hate someone so bad?

– Yes. Because she is damn unreasonable and rude.

5. The biggest & the most hurtful lie you heard?

– Every lies hurt me a lot when i get to know the truth.


> . Had a beer with?

– HoHO. i don drink.

> . Went to the movies with?

– Tony.

> . Talked on the cell phone with?

– Hui Sze aka pik qi.

> . You hugged

– Keren?

> . You yelled at?

– Tony…

> . Kissed someone?

– No.

> . Sing?

– LaoMao & Pik Qi

> . Been hugged?

– Tony.

> . Danced Crazy?

– I duno how to dance.

Think of the last time you were angry. Why were you angry?

– I feel that he dont even understand and don even wanted to bother what i am talking..

You will die in three minutes. Last call?

– Call to my hus phone with every family members in.. i just love my family.

If you could do anything OR wish anything, what would it be?

– I hope God will bless my family with health.

Would you or have you ever blackmailed someone?

– Nope.. what for..

Are you old fashioned?

– Duno le..

> What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?

– Do not love them.

> What things would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?

– My Family of coz..