My late new year resolution

In the year 2008… i have gone through a lot.. from the worst to the best.. well.. what can i say.. the most important chapter in 2008 of mine.. i get to know a lot of nice ppl… People which now plays a very important role in my life.

To my closest buddies.. Pik Qii.. we are still as close as ever.. Lao Mao.. close+cllose+close..still see her every week at least with her very interesting life with someone.. u noe wad i mean la hor.. Yuen Ni.. Oh.. she found her love one now..

To my Gang.. Timothy, Ting, Gordon, Annna, Ahlost, Ah Paul, Johnston, Eve, Aaron, Chenky.. *i hope i dint missed out anyone* I love u guys owes!! u guys made my life colourful! really!

To my sifu.. Saad, Leo and han ping.. they are owes there when i have problems with the Com or It stuff.. haha!

To my dearest at Melbourne.. Ah Leng, Ah Kai, Siew Ching, Chestine and Nana.. i missed u guys more.. and i will be seeing u guys soon! hahaha!

To My dearest at KL… SimonSo, Waiseng, Bryan, Tim.. U guys are always special to me no matter wad.. ya?! eh simon? 09.09.09 dim jek? !!

Fabby and XinYi- my long lasting sweet darlings.. be happy and more hang fuk in the year 2009 ya!

Frankie- oh.. i met my neighbour finally..! eh eh.. smile owes la ok? 2009 liao wor!

Steve – Words just cant describe.. u knew it! hor? hor? hor? Hamburger with honey roasted lamb tan *Muacks*

So in the year 2009.. i will only remember the sweet memories of 2008..

Oh.. so Now… 2008 is officially over.. and here start the year of moo-moo.. 2009! hmmm.. i have been busy PLUS my laptop is annoyingly spoilt… and the wireless port is spoilt… and freaking disappointed that my laptop is still somwhere in the shop… But luckily this time i pass it to a friend.. which i think it wont take almost 2 WEEKS (like wad the previous one did and yet couldnt fix) to fix it loh..

So… as simple as that… my new year resolutionSS are…

1.) To have my laptop FIXED or if it can suddenly turned to a brand new one.. thats better!

2.) Get a new handphone tis year.. as my handphone cacat oledi.. *haih*

3.) Travelling is wad i owes wanted to do… I wish i can travel like 9 times this year!! HAHAH! 2009 bah!

4.) As simple as to bless my loves one healthy owes including dupy of coz

5.) Try to maintain my weight at 53 kg for the whole year.. now exceed THREE liao k!!!! *pek chek*

6.) I wish my close friends are always there for me.. I wish my gang is owes there for me! *muacks*

7.) I hope everything get smoother in the new chapter of my life!! *excited*

8.) I hope there will be a trip to Taiwan with my family!! *i wan food*

9.) TRUST and confident *duno how to put it in sentence.. if u noe it.. u noe.. if u dont.. u dont.. keke*

10.) To receive more presents! i love presents! HAHAHHAHAHHA!

11.) To get a DSLR… or even a new compact camera.. or someone to fix my shutter!

12.) Be loved more.. *wuahaha*

Actually i wanted to make it 9 resolutions coz its 2009.. but hor.. too many things to say lah! haha.. i oso wanted to update my blog but the pichas in the fon knt be transfer out.. haih! bo pian lor