Remembrance : Boy Boy

Death is hard to predict.. What more to say two death in two days continuously?? This evening.. Boy Boy passed away. Boy boy is a stray dog adopted by my dar, STEVE and we both took care of it…

Boy Boy is a puppy actually.. it is just the most one year old plus plus. Dar adopted him during Beginning of March when i was still in Melbourne.. HE is very active and very intelligent. You can know it throughout my dar’s blog.

Boy Boy prefer to stay outside of the house as he got a lot of stray dogs friends. You can see him playing happily every morning and afternoon when dar is at work. And til evening.. he will wave his tail to wait for him to come back. Just before we went to Phuket… We build boy boy a so-called kennel. Just in case if no one can let him go in the house during raining time.. he at least have a shelter..

When we came back from Phuket, dar’s mummy tell us boy boy never want to go in the kennel we built. She say probably is too small.. He really never go in. But we still keep it in case it rains heavily. Last week.. or less than a week.. the council go around the neighbourhood and caught all the stray dogs away…! And coincidencely.. the day b4 the incident.. dar gave boy boy a collar.. Thats the reason he is not taken away..

But things started to change since then.. boy boy slowly bcum inactive… he doesnt run here and there.. he walk slowly.. doesnt wanna play so much.. and eat just a little.. We became very worry.. but.. he is still ok.. just a little bit quiet..

4 days ago.. things started to get worst.. boy boy do not wan to eat even. Not a bite.. and he often stand or sit at some place for hours unmoved. So not active..

The night before yesterday.. it rainned heavily.. we quickly ask boy boy to come under the roof.. but he doesnt want.. he remain unmoved. Dar very heartache so he took an umbrella and hug him to the carpark.. under the roof.. He isnt moving. We then go get some food for him. He doesnt want to eat. He run to the garden where the heavy pouring rain is.. He jus stood there.. look at one direction and not moving. I took at umbrella.. climb up the garden.. and stood beside boy boy.. hopefully the umbrella can covered him. But it was so cold i knot tahan so i came down. Dar again go hug him and bring him back to the shelter. He run to the rain and lay down under the down pour. I said mayb he is just depressed that his friends all got caught. There is not even one stray dogs around..

That night we the rain stops and dar wanted to send me home. Boy Boy disappear… Disappear until the next day which is yesterday. Yesterday my babysitter’s husband passed away.. so i din go to dar house. But according to dar, boy boy din want to eat.

Today morning.. Dar decided to take boy boy to the Vet. Boy Boy is getting so skinner which we really heart broken. Dar said this morning.. there are two white liquid hanging there on each eyes. He brought him to the vet and DAMN.. the vet is not open yet. Dar had seminar to attend to he decided to bring boy boy to vet this evening. When he finally reach home at 4.30pm… He couldnt find boy boy…

it was 7.30pm sth when dar come pick me and had a little dinner. Around 8pm.. we wanted to bring him to Vet as the Vet closed at 8.30pm.. We reached the gate and i slightly saw boy boy’s leg under the kennel… I told dar.. we were so happy we found him.. But i had a very bad feeling as he din not come out when we back. I couldnt see clearly as the sky is really dark… I called out boy boy.. but no response.. my heart started to shiver.. by then.. dar already roughly sense that he is gone.. as he really doesnt look good this 3 days..

He grab a touch light and i flash on boy boy.. He is dead.. i look at his face.. His mouth is wide open.. eyes are open and there are tears all along the eyes to his face… HE never went in the kennel b4 and now he go in for the first and last time to die there… i just couldnt hold myself.. He come back and die in the kennel we make for him..

i couldnt continue it anymore…

Mummy miss u boy boy.. Daddy even more heart broken than mummy is..

What a world.. did he die because of depression? do dogs have depression? i dont know.. i know i have so much pain these two days..

May God guide me through..

Tomolo evening i m going to buy some flowers for him.. anyone who wanted to drop him some love.. just let me know i will drop ur name in.