So many emo post recently

wuakaka! when u see emo post.. means exam is near.. which i have to dig my head into all the assesments and books.. and its really frustrated lor.. haih!!

Anyway.. i m now at the middle of the library.. freezing cold and extremely bored!! I should have bring along my pillow or anything.. *nyek* Omg!! my uni is like my second home now.. haih haih haih!!! to ppl out there.. i miss u guys lah!!!!

WOrse come to worst.. last friday its the due date for my ecom report.. and guess what… few days ago.. thunder strike and my wireless port.. haih.. u noe wad i mean la.. and just before friday… that evil thunder strike my modem AGAIN when i was half way finishing my report.. and this time.. not only the modem got strike.. my LAPTOP charger spoilt as welll….i nid to rush to get a universal charger for my latop!! haih!!! and from that day onwards.. whenever i nidda go online.. i just nid to go to sch…. how terrible and horrible it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I look “GROW” leh!! but why m i so unlucky gei!!!! *sobx*******

Anyway.. speaking about exam means holiday is near!! first thing first i really nid to get to the beach…!

Oh.. someone don like herself in that picture.. she say not nice.. so i crop lor.. hehehe! *hugs*

WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! throw all those shitty assignments away and just enjoy the breeze! i love beach.. wah.. got tonnes of programmes for me soon..

But til then… i nid to get back to my studies now.. *pity*

I never felt so helpless in my degree studies until this final sem.. why?