What to eat at Imbi Market?

When you have a bunch of foodies gathered together, there will be a food marathon. We woke up as early as 5am in the morning to go for this. The food at Imbi Market. A lot have been talking about how impressive the breakfast is at imbi market and we had read lotsa review on that and well, fair enough its time to go for some food hunting there. Thanks Kenex for driving us there. *wink*

Imbi market, definitely a traditional market. They have the wet market at the back and the breakfast place in front. Please go early if you want to grab a table there. We reach there around 7am and the place is crowded with people already. Hmmmm! 

What to eat at Imbi Market? 

1.) Curry Pork Skin Nasi Lemak

DSC03329A simple breakfast like this to start a day.

DSC03324The stall is very visible. Easy to find and if you cant find. Just follow the crowd.


DSC03331The gravy was good. Pork skin is light yet flavorful. Something special to try.

2.) Cripsy Popiah

DSC03350Crispy popiah is located beside the curry pork skin. Convenient right? Grab a nasi lemak and grab one of the those crispy popiah


DSC03332Unlike the normal popiah, its is soft on the outside and cripsy inside. Ask the two men. Miao Miao & Thanis surely love it. 

3.) Ah Fook Chee Cheong Fun & Yong Tauhu

DSC03344They definitely had the longest queue in the market. (Oh, the stall is just beside the crispy popiah. Once again. grab grab grab)

DSC03328Made freshly everyday especially the tauhu skin. Try it yourself.

4.) Pork porridge with crispy intestine

DSC03345Porridge was smooth and fragrant. The crispy intestine just keep you eating non stop.

DSC03336The stall was kinda behind the yong tauhu. Shang kei it says. 

DSC03337And look at the goodies there!! Half empty jor….! so fast meh. 7am only. huuhuhuhu!

DSC03348Oh.. again… no matter how long it was soaked in the creamy porridge. It is still very crispy. kkekeke!

5.) Steamed chicken with noodles in ginger paste

DSC03365My favourite throughout the breakfast hunt. 

DSC03366It may look very normal but the taste is explosive. The ginger paste is good with the noodles. The chicken itself was smooth, tender and just juicy. The ginger chicken got the highest score. hohoho! yay!

6.) Hainanese Asam Laksa

DSC03379Out of no where, Thanis just popped up with a bowl of Hainanese Asam Laksa.

DSC03381Looks good with lotsa coriander on top. This hainanese asam laksa is slightly different that those we normally had. 

DSC03394This one on the other hand was lighter. Not too heavy in their gravy. Just nice.

7.) Ginger and Wine Mee Sua with Pork Liver

DSC03382You can opt out the pork liver if you dont eat spare parts. 

DSC03384Ginger, egg, soup. Yes. You can imagine the taste. 

8.) Ah Weng Kor Hainanese Tea & Coffee

DSC03359One of the highlight at Imbi Market. The Hainanese tea & coffee mix. 

DSC03372_p-horzSlurps Slurps Slurps. Im not a coffee fan but this is acceptable. *noms* 

DSC03340You just wont missed this shop

DSC03357Hainanese tea is best to come with your local favourite kaya & butter toast.

DSC03362Together with your soft boiled egg

DSC03396Just dipped in!!! Heavenly awesome 🙂

9.) Homemade Egg Tart & Pastry

DSC03368Egg tarts & Pastry anyone? 


DSC03322Just located beside ah weng hor hainanese tea & coffee.

DSC03398Pastry was alright. The salted egg in lotus paste pastry was not bad as well. Not too sweet

10.) Apam Balik


DSC03353Or crispy crepe i shall call it. 

11.) Chinese Dumplings

DSC03355Bak Zhang. Look at the melting fats in between. OMG! mad love*


DSC03334Apart from all these. They actually have a lot more of the yummylicious food such as curry mee, pan mee, fried kueh tiao, fried oyster, and many many more.

DSC03392_pOur tummy just couldnt handle that much. Huhuhuhu! 

DSC03387Our table is just along the alley. And you can see everyone is like staring at our table of food. HOHOHO! Not that much isnt it. Why keep see nah. *shy*

DSC03388_pWell, and of coz, a sinful breakfast comes with some great foodies. 

DSC03390_pHello!! Say hello to our very own kuching produced. — Miao Miao & Jacqueline, Made in brunei Thanis oh nom nom nom and our local tour for the morning Kenex. Hehehehe!

Happy & Sinful Breakkie. Oh.. remember to come early for breakfast. Imbi Market opens as early as 6am. But closed on Mondays 🙂