Melbourne : Mornington

Another magnificent seaside or you can called it beach is at Mornington, Frankton.. About an hour drive from the city.. There’re plenty stuff to do in frankston such as Winery and wine tasting.. plucking strawberries and cheeries when they are in the season.. going to the maze and botanica garden… Sand scrupturing.. shaving the sheep fur and live like a farmer or you can just walk along the seaside or any cliff.. *like wad i do*… to just feel the cold breeeze around you… Oh.. it feels so great!!

EVen when you are just on ur way to the sea.. U couldnt resist to stop by along the roadside and take picture with the beautiful view… like this!!

Gosh.. isnt it pretty!

What more to say when you actually reached the destination.. one sentences.. relax relax relax and enjoy the brreeeeze and the view…! I couldnt find any better words to describe.

All pictures are taken by Anson.. He preferred to be not shown in the blog so i just snap his sideway loh! hehe! Credits to him!! i love the place..

How many time do i get a chance to sit on the cliff.. listening to the sea and enjoying urself with the cold cold breeeze …? Not much.. so.. here i got my chance.. Very nice hor.. but to tell u the truth.. its bloody cold.

But still.. ahyien is happie!

Not only the cliff.. mayb the stairs look great too..

AHHHHH.. really not bad lah. teeehehhee!

Oh.. they got sails as well… but i think st kilda has more. ^^

Also… there are these two landmark statue called Matthew Flinders.. and a big compass things.. they marked down how this place is found and the history of it..

Matthew Flinders..

Oh.. the compass look cool rite?

teehehe!! thats it for the mornington sea breeze.. haha!! so boring right?? I m just being random ma… lalalala… wanted to post the winery visit together but hor… kinda sleepy for now.. so… winery stuff to be continued tommorrow morning after me breakfast!!