I thought this time i should be able to reach KL on time. But stilll….

DELAYED for more than one hour in total..!! *hmpf* merajuk sial! The plane was there. i waited for until 12.30 thinking that we should b able to go in di coz normally if the flight is 12.45pm.. we will board around 12.30 right?? Waited until 12.55pm.. something was wrong.. i was thinking.. did i missed my flight?? Hmm.. went to check and.. DANG… DELAYED until 1.15pm. Means half an hour delayed.

It was around 1.05pm. I was in the plane. I duno what are we waiting.. ExTREMELY impatient can! Waited until 1.30pm when one retarded couple walked in!! MY GOSH!! seriously retard bastards ok! I can see everyone’s angry faces saying “WTF!! look at the time moron!” Guess what.. no problem.. next time.. we can go in as late as we can.. bcoz everyone WILL wait for u! hahaha!

Alright.. 1.30pm.The pilot finally announced that we r going to fly. The plane moved SLOWLY.. and suddenly half way thru.. it stopped. STOPPED for another 10 minutes… ARGHH! duno wad happen lah!! ALL i knew was it was already almost 2pm when the plane was above the concrete! *hmpf*

YES.. means i reach around 3.40pm.. waited for the SO CALLED KLIA “EXPRESS” for like 20 minutes.. then reach KL sentral around 4.35pm.. reached my bro place at around 5pm and went for dinner!

HALF DAY WASTED EH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway.. Keren dint follow this time…! Nini gonna take care of them for these few days! *teeehehe*