CooCooRon – the cool cool and romantic place?

CooCooRon.. cool cool and romantic.. its true ok? haha.. i just knew that this afternoon from Sharon. she is one of the owner there.. Today i went to CooCooRon with Serene, Kim and Tomcat after the Swinburne Blogger’s meet-up. We arrive at like 12.30pm and ended up taking pictures for like 1 hour plus and when we finally eat at 1.45pm.. everything is cold oledi.. *sobx*.. but still nice la of coz. hehe!

For your information, CooCooRon is located at Green Road area.. hmm.. to be exact.. its Gold Jade Road.. u will see the shop while u are somewhere there i believe and its on the 1st floor… Cool rite? yes.. its cool.. haha.. and the interior design is more towards cozy homely type.. got tatami somemore.. my favourite seats actually.. haha.. romantic rite? yes.. its certainly romantic.. So, cool cool and romantic lor.. how fitted. =)

Here’s some food photo’s we took.. For like almost 1 hours plus. hehehe!

Our drinks! Clock wise from the right : Kim’s Oreo Chocolate, My Peace Spirit, Tomi’s Green Tea and Serene’s Ice blended apple juice.

U see.. bloggers love to take photos of something.. hahahahah! they took the food.. i took them. =D

Here’s their NEW PRODUCT.. they haven launched yet and actually there’s a cherry on top.. its a flower drinks!

This one is Rose.. haha..i mean the drink is in rose favour.. i m not sure of the name yet bcoz sharon havent think of one.. They are going to have another series of new drinks.. the NUts family.. Hazelnut, almond nut, and many more.. Go and try on September! ^^ I can tell u.. the ROSE is Yummy delicious! Guaranteed to be ordered for my next attempt! hehehe!

Finished my excitement on drinks.. now is Food! Oh.. as you know.. i owes been to CooCooron.. so basically i knew wads super nice in their food categories.. he he!! SO for today.. i tried sth different..

The Banana Peanut Butter Toast! weehehe! thumbs up!!! so so so nice especially when i m a total lover of banana.. *yeah*

Kim’s British Fish and Chips.. i owes order this.. Hoho.. OWES.. i love the fish and chips there.. its just different…

Serene’s Grilled chicken chop. I have tried this during lamby’s bday at CooCooRon few months back and guess what.. i still remember the taste til now.. haha! this is everyone’s favourite at that time..

Tomi’s Grilled Chicken Set lunch.. My favourite choice for lunch! and Dinner.. hahaha.. love it.. don wan to elaborate more liao.. thinking of it makes me hungry!! *cry*

And the snack we ordered…

Stormy Fries!! ooo! its my first attempt.. i think serene them owes order this bcoz they look like they are so familiar with it.. hehehe! Stormy fries is basically 3 types of different fries.. i like the oval shape one. hehe!

Kim is taking photo of the food while we are all waiting beside her hungrily.. hohoho!

The overall of our Food!! weeehehehe! after 1 hour plus.. we finally get to eat our food….! Imagine how happie i m to see them. =D

Oh.. Sharon borrow us some nice bottles for photo shooting.. how nice she is. hehe! These are the favours we have in the spirit spirit kinda drinks.. Like what i have ordered, PEACE SPIRIT.. is actually the peach favour (the first one on the left) mixed with sprite.. ^^

A shot of Kim taking picture of me… hoHohO..

Me with the very Nice New drink — Rose?? haha.. just call it ROSE temporary la..

And lastly the lovely Sharon.. oh.. they even have their own Tshirt.. how cool! Sharon is the one sitting.. tauke nio ma.. and us!!

CooCooRon.. a nice place to Online (wIfi provided).. chit chatting and gathering!)