KL : One more day!

One more day and i got to go back to Kuching.. We wake up early in the morning..

Oh ya.. forgot to show the place we stay.. its wonderful i can say.. too bad we din bring our swimming suit thats y cant swim down there.. how sad! how pathetic!! *sobx*

Anyway.. its monday so ahlun got class again.. so papa mama and i decided that we just go around near coz have been shopping for like these days oledi and its really tired.. so jus went cin cai cin cai walk lor.. wuahaha!

Oh.. i snap a picture of the wallet we bought for me bro for his bday present.. hoho.. the cover is so nice hor.. so high class looking.. like box ane.. ehhe!

and heres some pic we took last nite~~ weee!! leggs!! and did u see keren’s. *cute*

First.. we went carving for our breakfast.. we went to some kopitiam near “qi chiong gai”.. and they serve nice food.. oh.. i forgot to take the pic.. hehe! anyway.. i think the price in the kopitiam is the cheapest pricing i saw at KL.. RM 4.50 for prawn noodles and RM 5 for beef noodles.. super cheap for KL ok.. haha!

These are the prawn noodles for papa and mama..

My beef noodles.. quite nice la. hehe?

AFterthat.. we went walk walk around the Morning qi chiong gai.. which has no ppl.. haha.. got la.. a bit maybe.. Oh.. mama saw a gerai cherry.. and she noe i love it so we stopped to buy some.. shit! its freaking expensive ok… nvm go to qi chiong gai to buy things.. they kill ppl.. RM 70 per Kilo? i buy 9 biji and it cost me RM 8.. Oh gosh!! yes.. its fresh cherry imported from USA.. So wad le? the shoppin mall din even sell so expensive bah.. Haiz.. later on.. we oso bought some at JusCo.. same from USA.. its RM 15 for like 250gms? Haih.. anyway.. so expensive de cherry of coz need to take some pictures! haha

I went to the nearest hotel to get  my cherry washed ok.. hehe.. so that i can eat it anytime.. Oh.. pose one with cute cherry. haha!!

On the road.. yeah!! i just love takin photo with cherry.. dont u? yea u dont mayb. ^^

Walk walk walk and we pass by a durian puff shop! *smell nice*

Its at the corner somewhere.. sell of coz not only puffs..

The durian puff is packed like this

and yum yum! *thumb ups* i believe durian lovers would  love this very much o..

me and papa.. the durian addict *hiak hiak* Oh. its hard to take photo with my toes on.. ^^ i took much more taller like that!!! hohoho!!!

Again.. we went to MidValley and The Garden.. Mama wanted to buy the very expensive bread so we went lo.. haha!

Yup Yup! this is the very expensive bread we bought.. RM 25 per loaf.. BREAD.. haha! nice its nice..

I walked around and this super pinkish shop caught my attention.. no intention to go in but bcoz its so pink.. so jus go walk walk la..Its called miss T by the way.

And coincidencely.. i saw this BIG beg kinda-like.. its some how suitable to be my pencil case so i bought it.. haha.. its only RM 16. ^^

Jusco again.. here.. we bought our cherry again.. and Strawberry.. hehe! wee! i love strawberriessss..! Here’s one sifu the kang hu very good in peeling coconut.. haha! so we walk towards him and see how he did it..

He using a knife to cut off the coconut and he manage to take out the whole coconut meat without breaking it.. means the round coconut meat inside is still coconut water. haha!

of coz.. we bought two to try lo..Look cute and juicy!

ALso.. we went to The Garden for our second time O AH MEE SUA.. *winks* same food la. so din take pic..

OOps.. pinkish place.. haha! look familiar? *ahem*

We went to Sogo later.. actually intended to meet up with ah lun there but its raining heavily at ahlun college so he cant go.. its raining so heavily here.. and ahlun is not coming.. no fun.. and we have nth to buy so we decided to go home.. haha!!

Its cozy and fun to be in the condo during rains.. hehe! we have fun as well.. and tapao all the nice food from the hawker down stairs *teehehe*

Remember the NATTO i bought to KL for my bro and I to try ? yes.. we tried today.. !

GOSH!!! #%$^*@%.. why will Japanese love this?? its taste like expired food.. HAHA.. yucks.. i cant even swallow one.. split it immediately.. haha! Haiz.. Still got 2 package with my bro.. who want to try? call him. HAHA..

ANyway.. enuf for the yuckiest.. here comes so goodies! Strawberry!!

Yeahh!! My strawberry affairs.. hoho! aint strawberry just cute?!

Oh.. today is my day.. so i took a lot of pic with cute strawberries.. yeah.. say liao ma.. strawberry affair ma.. must have affairs lo.. mUahaha!!!

hehe! wooot!! how cute the shape! BIG strawberry versus the Normal one..

look again! oh.. keren cuter.. *grin*


We went to airport at 6am sth the next day. *lalala*