Penang (Day 3)

Third day of mine in Penang.. well.. today doesnt really have much to do.. so all we do is to spend our time walking around carving for food. I woke up darn early today intended to go for a swimming and sauna which they “claimed” to be opened at 7am but then when i called, they say will only open at 9am! wth! no mood waiting for 2 hours so just went down and buy some SUNBLOCK (since i m very tanned now!)

nivea sunblock spf 30! i wanna get a 50 one but mummy say its too strong. sobx!

Da Dong Dim Sum Place

Then.. we headed to this da dung dim sum restaurant near Lebuh kimberley? hehe.. not sure lah.. somewhere around there.. well.. i think the dim sum served there is superb compared to others. Hmm..only SUNDAY i mean.. coz sunday they make more varieties of special dimsum.. =)

Basically they have the dim sum troley, the porriage troley, the bao troley, the tart troley.. and.. hmm.. pretty much like that.. 

so heres some dim sum!! yummmies! the price range is from RM 2.20 to RM 4.20. (mostly here are all RM 4.20)

Sweet and sour pork.. great!! perhaps a lil too sweet? hehehe

Chicken wing stuff with meat and egg yolk!

Omg omg! this one is fabulous!! did u see the yolk inside!?? *drooling can*

Har Kao.. hmm.. hmm.. kuching one taste so much better bcoz the prawn is bigger! haha! seafood at penang is expensive

Seafood Kao? heheh! yup.. mixture of seafood paste inside. taste cute!

i feel cute holding it too.. *blush*

Oh.. i feel cute eating it too!!! hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah yien’s favourite baoz!! inside got chicken meat, pork, mushrrom and glutinious rice at the bottom! thumbs up for this!! Ah yien love all the bao at Penang bcoz Penang served fantastic BAO!!!!

Yam Puff.. thumbs still up-ing!!!

Pork and fish cake.. nice!! 

SHark fin Kao.. hehe! this one is kinda nice too.. but shark fin kinda tasteless.. just shark fin.

Lo mai Gai.. yummy! my bro LOVE lo mai gai!!! 

Cake Bao.. hehee! taste cute too!

Egg Tart.. just so-so.. 

and.. pork rib in sour plum.. hmmm.. normal lah.. ^^

Gurney Plaza

Next to go.. my brother arrived at Penang at 12.30pm and we went to Gurney Plaza for a lil quick shopping.. hmm.. and then.. carve for food again! told u!!! today is all about FOOD FOOD FOOD and FOOOD..

So we went to this food court down there called “MAKAN-MAKAN”

We ordered this Ice kacang for RM 3.. not bad lah.. NOT bad only ar

And.. Nasi Kandar? hehe! hmm.. quite yummy but damn pedas! RM 8.50

Char Kuay Tiao.. RM 5? sth like that.. not bad lah.. almost the same.. 

and Pasembur.. woot! the pasembur is NOT very nice.. i got one pasembur which is REALLY nice.. at new gurney drive.. STay Tune!!!

AFter that.. continue shopping and went for High tea again!


Well.. if u happen to drop by and wanted to have a drink.. hmm.. don go here. hahaha!! No la.. provided if u have no other choice then can go lor..

the drinks are alright.. but.. its kinda not very healthy leh..

my daddy’s yam bubble tea.. hmm.. Ok lah still.. RM 5.90

My peanut milk.. RM 5.90.. at first it taste really good.. but u noe how they make it..? i saw them talkin the whole chunk of peanut butter and blended with  milk!!!!!! eeeuwwww!!! how panas it is ok!!!! and after that.. i cann feel my throat is all SO-PEANUT BUTTER!! yucccks!

Ok.. forgot about that.. my bro’s lemon pudding.. not nice. =)

Again.. some snack.. O Arh Mee sua!! omg omg omg!! DON EVER ORDER THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in 600cc i mean)

We went walking around after the whole chunk of ffffooooddd! exercise we considered. hahaha!

Stop by New World park and take some pictures! (since there is nth much for today.. so nidda take some picss ma)

I loVe old town oso!!! 

and starbucks!! the ONLY place i can get wireless accesss throughout my whole trip.. how not love it rite? One thing i do not like about Penang.. ITS DAMN HARD TO FIND WIRELESS ACCESSS!!!!!!!!!! Unlike Kuching u can find wireless access almost every of the cafee… haih!! 

Picture of the day!

hahaha!! i climb so hard to get up into the tree trunk can?!!

Oh.. one more pictures!! nth special lah.. jus wanna show my newly bought earrings! hahahaha!!!!!!!!! =.=”