Ramadhan Buffet at Pullman Kuching 2014

One of the most reputed hotel in Kuching, Pullman Kuching is having the Ramadhan Buffet throughout the holy month until 27th July 2014, serving the most traditional delicacies and classic flavours, making it an ideal choice for berbuka puasa. 


DSC04352Introducing the Ramadhan speciality corner, the outdoor counters.


DSC04351The must have for all the Ramadhan’s. Roasted whole lamb. It is roasted in an open fire which you couldnt just get it at any other time. It added on some extra charcoal flavours, the juicy is sealed and the lamb is just nice and tender. 

DSC04353Open fire servings, the satay as well. Try some of these. You might like it. 

DSC04436I had the lamb and the chicken satays. 

DSC04358And something new as well, the fish counters. Pick your own fish it says… 

DSC04357Ranging from Ikan Pari, Ikan Tenggiri, Ikan Cencaru, Ikan Kembong, Ikan Siakap, Ikan Sardine, Bawal hitam & Ketam Bunga


DSC04356I mean.. pick your own seafood. They do have prawns and crabs as well. A wide range of seafood for your berbuka puasa. 

DSC04438We had 3 types of fish to try. I personally like the kicking flavours of the sardines. 

DSC04362Apart from that, they also have chicken rice for chicken rice lover like me  Hello Dinah

DSC04422Im a happy girl as long as you feed me chicken rice. Steamed one. Hehehe!

initpintu_pOther counters like the Ramadhan specials – The Kawah counter, Gulai Kawah daging, Gulai Kari Kepala Ikan, Gulai ayam berkentang, sup ekor lembu and others. They will change the menu slightly every week. 

DSC04439Roti John counters

DSC04430The Oyster omelete and Char Kuey Teow. Yes they are all stationed at the outdoor counters.

As for the indoor counters, there are another few sections for you to feast on their food.

DSC04363First up is the Appetizer sections.

DSC04367Opt for The western style appetizer like cold beef slices,

DSC04364The marinated fish fillet,

DSC04366Fusion style grilled chicken and meat.

initpintu_pppOr ulam sections. The Rojak Kangkung is the special one. Try it.

DSC04374Apart from that, they served wide varieties of kerabu & Sambals as well.


DSC04425If you like it hot & spicy like me, i personally recommend the Cincalok and the Tempoyak. Soooo sexy spicy. 

DSC04384Next counter, The Fried Stuff

DSC04385Fried crabs, Chicken Liver, Chicken heart, Fried Squid. 

Ramadhan counters again, we have something special prepared by Chef Matan, served with some creativity that add more sparks on the original authenic malay cuisine.


  1. Nasi Bryani
  2. Ayam masak merah bermadu
  3. Sambal telur
  4. Udang Goreng sambal petai
  5. Daging Kari dengan keribang
  6. Ikan Masak lemak tempoyak chili padi

DSC04389Another specialty, The Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee is one that draws the most attention for the Kuchingnites. 

DSC04443We had Laksa for a trial. You judge it. 🙂

DSC04404If you are still hungry and craving for more, you can always go for the classic international buffet. I dint take much pictures on that because well, its Ramadhan!! 😀




DSC04420But i do have my portion shared with jaq . hehehehee! Its irresistible ma..

DSC04391They say :” A meal is not perfect without a dessert!” 

DSC04402YES YOU ARE RIGHT. And as i mentioned before, and always, Pullman Kuching serves one of the best dessert in town, the hotel industry. 




DSC04400I’m just gonna lure you with all the pretty dessert. Hohohohoho!!

DSC04398Local dessert like the Malay Kuih is very impressive as well.

DSC04397And the all-time killer. The chocolate Fondue. 

DSC04453And this is our portion for the night

DSC04433_pTeehehehehe! And we had quite a few rounds of food. Thank you Pullman Kuching for the always-so-good hospitality. We enjoyed the food, enjoyed the companion. 

DSC04448You guys know me just so well, i just couldnt resist Bread & Pastry!!! *roar roar*

DSC04413_pIm a happy girl with my tummy full. And the good news is.. The Ramadhan Buffet is available daily at Puzzle Restaurant from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. It is priced at RM 99+ per person for adults and 50% discount for childen below 12 years old. 

DSC04396To avoid disappointment, please call Pullman Kuching at +6082-222888 for reservation. Happy Berbuka Puasa everyone! 😀