Velocity Indoor Go Karting, Kuching

WOOTS!! I went go karting and Lazer Tag!!! hahaha! well.. this is actually my first time doing both of it.. and i really had a lot a lot of fun.. thanks to everyone!! and also the Mr. Calvin ENg, The Facility Manager of Velocity Indoor Go KArting. 

It was actually saturday night, Tim, Ting and Me followed by Rose, Johnston,Irene and lastly Gordon who came at around 10pm sth.. we went to this place called Velocity and Bintawa area.. Go Karting is super fun can.. and i guess i m so addicted to it.. ^^ 

The Opening hours! oohh… they even got membership feees!

So excited eh me!!! But hor.. the helmet is too big for me.. haih!

Me.. berpose pose.. woohuhuhu!!

Ah ting berpose pose juga! i love her green shirt woi.. hehehe!

ANd.. now.. for the real race!! *woooots* Too bad ting din wear her shoes.. nvm.. gordon and johnston oso haven race.. we will owes be back again! muahaha

See… told u my helmet was too big ma.. sobx! 

ANd guess what.. after 10 minutes.. i m like sweating like hell! hahahaha!!! The AfterMath!!!!!

Hohohohoho.. scary huh! but funn!!!!

My Gear.. Kart 58 and my result.. woots.. Kart 58.. i m not going to use u anymore next time.. haha! coz its engine knot tahan long run and it make me knot finish my last 2 laps!! arrghh!!!

Thankiuk Mr CalVin ENg!!! The Manager and The “Racers” wooots!! Racer? i m feeling so happie now..! hahaha! SO Before i our laser tag.. here’s some pictures of the kart and me.. *huhu* Thanks TIM!!!! 

Oh… i race for 2 times.. first with Tim.. my best time was 30s per lap.. aiya.. first time ma.. and i bumped into some tayars!.. huhu.. 2 times somemore..

Second time was FUN!!!! Race with Rose, Irene and Tim.. and some duno-guy.. hahaha! and my best time was 26 seconds per lap.. got improvement eh!! *wuakakaka** 

p.s : i m waiting for EIther Rose or JF to upload so i can grab some of their pics! hehehe

Look how happie i m.. Next time jom?



Its a perfect combination.. so after u are so happily “go kart-ed”.. u feel like shooting some people.. and now.. we have LASER TAG.. JUST UPSTAIRS! thumbs uP!

Red team and Green Team.. 

Red Team we have the Girls.. Rose, Irene, Ting and Me

And Green Team.. we have Tim, Gordon and Johnston.. 

The picture is taken but Tim using his dslr.. thats y it looks so bright.. but actually..

Its LIKE THIS!!! HAHAHA!! the green light owes make me went blur! and.. not only its dark.. its sMOKEY! once a while they will sembur the smoke out.. so when its sembur-ed.. u can heard the GUYS.. keep on “long Piak”.. hahaha! u can owes heard some banging on the wall sound and thats when we go hunt them… muahahahahha!!

Our Group Photo.. before Gordon came..

The aftermath in the DARK AND SMOKEY ROOM.. *grin*

and Lastly the Ultimate GROUP Pics! woots!

I love this pic so much! hehehe!!! everyone seems happie! *nyek nyek nyek*

ANyway.. Thanks a lot GUYS!! i really had A LOT OF FUN THAT NIGHT! love u all! -muacks-


SEE u guys later at SUSHI BONANZA!