What is Linut?


DSC03683What is Linut? I am sure theres still quite a number of Sarawakian out there who have never try or even heard of Linut before. Linut is a traditional food enjoyed by one of the ethnic group in Sarawak — The Melanau. Or in Brunei, they call it Ambuyat. Linut is made of the fresh sago flour, mixing with hot or boiling water and the texture… unique i would say.

DSC03685The texture is very gooey and sticky. How does it taste like? Its tasteless, so normally Linut will be served together with the belacan. Linut is mostly eaten with the wooden fork as shown.

How do i find it? I would say, most of the guy friends of mine don’t buy it. But for me, i eat for the memories. I like linut, mainly because i have wonderful memories eating Linut with my big bunch of friends last time when everyone is still carefree and happy. I remembered us, bunch of crazy girls gulping linut ferociously almost every week! Although now everyone went apart, we still have something common that pull us together, or isit the beer linut who made us hang out again!!! hehehe. My first bowl of Linut was introduced by a very cute friend of ours — we called her Genelal. In fact a lot of traditional ethnic food was introduced by her. Show you guys next time! 😀

DSC03718A bowl of tasteless Linut, they served it with their most impressive belacan/sambal. 

DSC03721You can eat it this way.. or you try my way!

DSC03723I always love to eat it with lotsa belacan midin. Hohoho!!!! Try my way! *slurps* 

DSC03712_p*thankiuk to my forever-awesome photographer* 

So where can you fulfill your linut cravings? Next post coming up!