This Week & Last Week

Same as Chi Hua Hua.. we were demotivated to blog recently.. feel like blogging.. got things to blog.. but.. just demotivated.. and LAZY to edit and choose pichas.. duno wanna start from where..

So decided to just pick a few and make them the highlight of this week and last week ! *kakaka*

Dennis came back for a short holiday last weekend so as usual.. we pay gu po a visit (Gu po is our baby sitter).

Can u spot me?!! muahaha! Gu po took care of me for more than 9 years and for dennis.. just 3 yrs.. but both of us including my brother love her as much.

When she took care of us.. she is 50 plus.. and after 20 years.. she still look as healthy as before.. She still keep our plates and all the things we used. How sweet.. (*ignore dennis*)

Gu po always prepare a lot of food for us.. and when we need to go home.. she owes wave with tears. =(

She even cooked my favourite crabby! Love u po!

Last weekend, tim, ting, suzanna, me and dar we went to boulevard for lunch.. We go kia kia around after lunch and we saw..


Weeeeeeee!! Dar bought me a Crocs! Well… dar say my old little green shoes are almost torn.. so its time to say bye bye to my little green shoes..

*Although Crocs doesnt have green coloured shoes.. i can owes choose my second favourite… Purple!!*

Its RM 129 original price without the butterfly… but now its only RM 100 with a butterfly thingy!!!! I love it!! Thankiuk dar!

Just Two days ago.. Edwin and Frederick invited us to the Green International Festival Appreciation Dinner at BanQuet… We went there late coz of some miscommunication.. but still.. we enjoyed ourselves!!

iTS buffet style.. and.. free flow of Beers!

Jump Jump as the signature pose!

At the very same day b4 we actually went to the dinner.. dar brought me to the Spring.. SALES again! teehehe!

My new cookery books! omg omg! loving it so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!

Oh… tok about cookery book.. let me show u my FAVOURITE LAST YEAR CHRISTMAS PRESENT

Weeee!!!!!!! That time was on diet.. so they bought me this!

So sweet!! thankiuk Tim n Ting!! *hugs hugs hugs* I remembered i was so super happie n excited when i unwrapped it.. even til now.. i m still very very very happie!

Today… just so in sudden.. there’s a small renovation in my hus!

Oh.. ever since dar bought me this BAO from “wo jia fan dian” (duno the english name of it.. something homemade sth sth one).. i m so obsessed with this CHA XIO BAO! coz the Cha Xio Bao do not have those yucky fats… its all lean meat! YUmmmmmmmy!

Mummy daddy gonna eat bao for these few days liao! muahaha! One for me, one for mummy, one for daddy and another is given free by the tauke! so good one! Mayb leave it for Dupy. =)

Yesterday… Dar is sick.. =( Fever, Headache, Flu, Sore Throat, everywhere pain.. Fever until 38.1 Degrees neh. But luckily he felt better now… huhuhuhu T.T Oh.. don worry its not H1N1. =D

I tell him bed time stories but he keep laughing instead of sleeping.. so i only say til half…

Continue tomolo if he can sleep tight today.. Muacks!! *sayang*