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Happy Birthday Chia Shin @ Simplicious Kuching

A random monday.. A random whatsapp.. A random arrangement.. A random date.. and it turn out to be a wonderful pre-birthday celebration. Its a very simple random pre-bday celebration because i will be out of kuching for the whole week next. Our first venue is Big Oven.. but it was closed. Second venue to Fusion […]

Lao Mao’s Pre-bday!

The day before lao mao’s birthday.. we went to yuen ni house for the fake damai trip plan….! and so as usual… people said the older you get, the wiser you will be.. well.. it doesnt seems to apply on her bcoz she got cheated every year. *muaahahaha* The happie going to be cheated mao~ […]

Annna’s Bday @ De Atelier

Yesterday was chi hua hua’s 24th Birthday! We have it at De Atelier. Thank you Albert and Evelyn, the boss and the lady boss of De atelier for helping us to set up and decorate. *kekeke* The process of decorating the place…!! *excluding the last one* and Stevo trying the leica lens of LUMIX!!! get […]

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