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Get Set, Ready & Go

You tell me lah.. how to diet!!!!… I just lost 2 kg and now i m lying on my bed… blogging about the DINNER i had JUST NOW. haih!!! Even if i only eat one piece per plate.. its already sooo sooo sooo much!!! Just came back from Sarawak Club.. Is planning to blog about […]

Happy Merdeka!

We celebrate Merdeka this year doing BBQ at dar’s hus Just now! huhuhuhu!! thankiuk everyone for coming!! love u all!! Happie merdekaaa!! and… Hello to EVA!! she is SO cute!!! *hugs* Oh.. btw.. i love the dog named Doug in “UP”. altho i haven watch the Cartoon but that fat dog is reallly realllly cute!! […]

My 22nd Birthday

I KNOW IT WAS LATE.. hehehe!! Well.. i just post up some summary of it then only i blog about each restaurant when i m free k?? wuakakakaka!! 22nd burdays are awesome for me.. i got lotsa loves one celebrating with me and it was my first time celebrating with my Dar and my gang!! […]

Dearest Papa’s 55th!

Just DAYS before my birthday.. it was my papa’s one.. hehe.. okay.. i know its a lot of days before.. but hor.. you know lah.. my laptop don wan me liao.. so i cant edit or even update my blog… and all my pictures i store it at my dar’s laptop… okok.. Mr TAN lah.. […]

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