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Sarawak Rock Party 2009 (2/2)

Part two.. stupid youtube load so slow… have to be awake at this hour to finish my second post o.. if not it gonna delay for a week again! *huhuhuhu* Anyway… the remaining band out of the 16 are Dream Machine.. a.k.a Delim Mesin if you like.. , Lang, AMS from HongKong, Swing Habit, DyerBreed […]

Sarawak Rock Party 2009 (1/2)

Remember the Rock Party i mentioned? Yes… its today! *teehehe* Well.. the reason i put it into 2 parts is because the file type and the youtube really load super super slow for the video.. i only have some movies done loaded so thats y i posted it up first.. if not.. tomolo will be […]