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When Dupy Was 5Kg

Well.. my life recently is kinda boring and the same so there is nothing much interesting to write on. A bit moody recently and have no idea what i wanted to say. Haih.. Life has ups and downs thats for sure.. Oh.. cant wait to go travelling again bcoz travelling makes me happie and relax.. […]

Just done!!! weeee..

Yeah!! i just done resizing my photos and add watermarks on them.. a lot can..~ *sobx* Anyway.. everything is done liao.. but my eyes are super sleepy again.. hohoho! SO again.. wait til tomolo lo have to.. I got seminar the whole day tomolo at Hilton so i think the best choice for now is […]


I came across thEse days before and they are super cutez! See….. The Pink one is Seow Chio Bu.. means little beauty! haha!! she is so cute!! and the Green one..! Omg!! super cutez!! look like my brother eh~ haha.. Green one is Sotong Boyz.. the meaning given is “blur like duno wad”.. haha.. doesnt […]