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Happy Valentines Day

5 minutes ago.. i try my luck to restart the router and… *DING* i can online!! WAH!!! Happie happie! sobx! u can see how happie i m when i see the front page loaded… hehehehe! so.. grab the chance to fast fast update on my blog… HAPPIE VALENTINE”S DAY DEAREST!!! To all of the lovers […]


I hate it when my laptop is spoilt.. YES.. its spoilt again!! How can right?!! not to say spoilt la.. it knot goes online.. which is very pek chek enough… (it oso means karma drop! so geram) Ok… nth much i wanted to say for now la.. coz i m using steve’s laptop to online […]

Happy moo-moo year!

Oh.. so many pics to load and choose.. keke!! will update very very soon!! ANyway.. just wanted to say.. i miss the gang and everyone who visited my blog owes! *muacks muacks* Happie chinese new year woh!!!!!!!!!!

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