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Wait for me…!

As for part 5 of my birthday celebration.. i need some time.. coz there are like 500 pictures to filter, resize and put my watermark on it. HUHUHUHU! Wait for me ahhhhhh!

:) & :(

I have two things to share.. This afternoon.. i finally get to have lunch with ting and tim at MEI MEI cafe… at Chonglin Park… Wad so special about it hor.. its a kopitiam.. the kopitiam which ting, tim, Gordon and I used to have lunch together almost EVERYDAY when i m still in my […]

Beer VS Mi

This post is just a very RANDOM post to clarify Mr.Clement’s doubts about my two new bears in the family!!! To Clement: Beer Beer and MiMi are different bears hor! U see u see.. they don look alike also leh! And.. Happie 200th post for my bloggie!! *teehehe* Its precious and irreplaceable.. just like her! […]


I seriously need a new laptop. *crying face* I m so not willing to let go of my current one but.. i really have no choice.. haih!! I m sure a lot of you read about my blog complaining my laptop spoilt la.. and so on.. but my mummy’s fren manage to fix it temporarily.. […]

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