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Yien’s Recipe : Spaghetti!

Randomness.. i woke up at 1pm sth.. Oh.. another Sunday.. Suppose to go shopping by lao mao kinda busy with her assignment so everything canceled.. No food at home.. No plan going out.. so i decided to make myself a long long time no-cook spaghetti. =) Make use of everything i have at home lor.  […]

Lappy: New Start. Variety. =)

Yup.. i m back online and blogging.. my laptop just recovered yesterday!! All my programmes are gone and so i only get to make sure of all the new programmes just now.. hehe! Ok.. lets recall. Yup.. this is my laptop that nite! Oh!!! 10.9.2008 at almost 3am.. sobx! it says press wad wad wad […]

Hush Puppies are Fat!

Who say Hush Puppies are so SLIM? OH.. thats the hush puppy we owes see around the town.. But guess what..? the real hush puppy i noe is so so so so FAT! Look at her.. or hIm? hmm.. not sure.. just treat it unisex so we called them “IT”.. haha! This hush puppy belongs […]

I wan Designers!

OH.. i desperately nid a designer to design a new layout for my blog!!! *sobx* As everyone noes.. i m blank in designing stuff.. even if i have the ideas.. i do not have the skills.. hahaha! and thats y i m hiring designers to design my layout.. Yes.. hiring means i pay la.. =) […]

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