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KL : One more day!

One more day and i got to go back to Kuching.. We wake up early in the morning.. Oh ya.. forgot to show the place we stay.. its wonderful i can say.. too bad we din bring our swimming suit thats y cant swim down there.. how sad! how pathetic!! *sobx* Anyway.. its monday so […]

KL : Convo

Its Sunday! yesh! TARC convo is on Sunday.. weird rite? he he! but good oso la.. coz more people are free during sunday ma.. ^^ And of coz.. wake up super early that day.. i was actually having a very nice sleep but too bad have to wake up early as ahlun have to reach […]

KL : Friday Paradise!

HuHu.. Maybe coz of not sleeping at my own bed.. i wake up surprisingly early on friday morning.. 6sth to be exact.. wanted to update my blog but too badly the laptop doesnt support some features i need.. Today is Friday morning.. The first morning i have in this trip to KL.. Well… its neither […]

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