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Velocity Indoor Go Karting.. AGAIN

*** Updated with more pictures! hehhe!! I m addicted! addicted to Go karting.. and proudly and happily to announce.. I m the member of VELOCITY GO KARTING liao.. muahaha!! same goes to Gordon, Kuo Yang, Rose, Johnston and Paul.. wuahahaha!! Being a member u get this… ^^ *jeng jeng* oh gosh! my eyes are REALLY […]

Velocity Indoor Go Karting, Kuching

WOOTS!! I went go karting and Lazer Tag!!! hahaha! well.. this is actually my first time doing both of it.. and i really had a lot a lot of fun.. thanks to everyone!! and also the Mr. Calvin ENg, The Facility Manager of Velocity Indoor Go KArting.  It was actually saturday night, Tim, Ting and […]