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In Memories..i owes heart u Bai Zu

Its a very short post from me today.. last night.. i visit a website… its called the dirty wow-wow.. haha.. its actually something like a site for ppl to post up their own old soft toys or like so-called bear bears.. haha.. i even saw some are like 20 years plus plus.. its cute.. and […]

Ah Leng’s Farewell

SAD!! today is ah leng’s farewell.. he is leaving to Aussie today.. or i shud say jus now.. *sob* i don dare to go to airport coz i noe i will burst out my tears.. so i just went to his hus before and gave him the card me and fabby write for him and […]

The Two Bananas!

Its THE TWO BANANA!!!! Well.. yesterday went to Sushi King with Fabby and Ah Leng for AH Leng’s Farewell to AUstralia today.. haih.. Leng.. we will really missed u a lot.. noe u for so long liao… secondaRY sch til now and now u wanted to leave me and fabby… how can u… sobx sobx […]

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