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Boring-kinda Workshop @ Hilton

Yes.. i attended a workshop at Hilton this morning.. its organized by MidA.. some government things related to investment and how to make your company productive something like that.. From SwinBurne, Its only me with another four beloved lecturers.. Nick the angmoh.. Miss Janice my dearest and closest.. Mdm Callie Lau my last time O&M […]

First time Tagged!

Yup Yup.. As this blog is really new.. this time will be the first time i got tagged.. ^^ *hehe* This tag is tagged by my darling Xin yi!! ? *muax* Name 10 people to do this survey! Answer these question honestly.. Tagged: 1. Lao Mao 2. Eko aka Jiu ai 3. Serene 4. Kim […]

Just done!!! weeee..

Yeah!! i just done resizing my photos and add watermarks on them.. a lot can..~ *sobx* Anyway.. everything is done liao.. but my eyes are super sleepy again.. hohoho! SO again.. wait til tomolo lo have to.. I got seminar the whole day tomolo at Hilton so i think the best choice for now is […]

Whats Nextz?

Shopping.Shopping.Shopping. Today i spent the whole day almost on my walking effort.. walked til my legs swollen with bruise and blood.. HOHO.. no la.. just kidding la.. just tired nia la.. wuakakaka! As there is no picture to be upload now.. so wont go so far lo.. once i reached my beloved kuching home at […]

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