The Best Omurice in Japan! -Kichi Kichi Kyoto-

YES!!! I’ve finally tried that!!! After years and years watching YouTube videos about this legendary omurice, I finally set my foot here! And I guaranteed you there is no regrets trying this, and its definitely the BEST omurice I’ve ever had in my life!

DSC00377Located at one of the small alley at Gion area, Kichi Kichi is a very small and humble restaurant. Reservation is a must because they only have 8 seats at the bar counter. I made a reservation at 730 and I do not want to be late especially we were running out of time travelling from another side of Gion. So, we took a cab to go there. 🙂 Cab fare in Kyoto is not as scary as Tokyo!

DSC00364Cozy place. 

DSC00365 DSC00366The menu is simple. Its a lil bit pricey but I think its all so worth it. We mingled a bit with the owner, Mr. Yukimura Motokichi!

IMG-20160223-WA0083_pHe is very nice and friendly guy. I think he is used to all the cameras and people from all sort of world coming for his omelet. He even took wefie with us!

20160218_181637_mr1455790870973_mh1455790880912_pDon’t know where kelvin went so we took another groupie after we found him hahahah!

DSC00367So the almighty chef is preparing his ingredient. We were glad we were early so we get to mingle with him. While he is half way cooking, there’s more people coming in and he gets a bit busy d.

Here’s a very short video of the legendary omurice. Must watch the video because thats how the magic happens!

So a plate of awesome omurice!! We literally just screamed whenever he cut open the eggs! OMG…. Presentation is good isn’t it? You will be amazed, it tasted as good as it looks!

DSC00372The fried rice underneath is a very strong foundation. It has bacon, onions, shallots, cabbages and a lots of spices. Unlike other fried rice, this one is more to a wet fried rice. Even grain of rice is covered by the sauce. Fluffy overflowing omelet on top? With the signature brown sauce and a pinch of nori (seaweed). Forever awesome!

DSC00373We also ordered the super recommended beef stew! The beef just fall apart when we bite it. So flavourful. The brown sauce or the special sauce you called, it is so creamy it add more flavour to the already so awesome beef. We wipe the plate clean!

DSC00376White sauce croquette of the day. Thats beef croquette we had that day!! Same thing, a lot of texture is going around. The beef is marinated perfectly, it is soft, juice mushy but the layer of crisp outside make it interesting to chew. The combination of juicy tender beef and the crispy layer together with the homemade white sauce.. Once again, wipe the plate clean. What am I talking about? I think we wipe of the plates clean!!!

20160218_180303_mr1455790410946Ichiban!!! Thumbs up for the meal! 

20160218_182736This is the namecard. One very important thing. Please make your reservation. Its a must. Website provided here :

No regrets!