Kuching High in Flames!

*Kuching High is a Secondary Sch*

Woots! two more hours and here comes my final paper… and i m still here blogging! wuakakakaka! Well.. as you all know.. i have been digging in my books for days… all i see is books and books and still books.. i have the most hand written notes in these few days throughout the whole semester…! *nyek nyek*

Bookssss!! and i only can online at UNI! how sad…

SO here’s the story.. make it fast and simple so i can get back to my final revision soon.. keke! So as normal as everyday i have.. fabby and i were doing our revision in one of the empty classroom in the old block in Swinburne… and suddenly after lunch when we return to our classroom..i saw ASAP coming from one direction!!

This is it…

eeiks.. its similar to the pertanak one and its kinda look like a burn down.. at first we thought the flames is from RHB bank area as it looks so near.. thats when both of us decided to walk to the back of the canteen (which we can directly see towards the RHB bank area) to check things out.. yeah.. i noe we are busybody! woohohooh! curious bah… but once we walk near.. the flames seems to be at a further location..

So.. we have a remote “reporter” ken wong!! hahaha!! fab call her DEAR up to check for us.. and kind enough.. ken actually drove to the direction to find out wads happening…

When technology advancement emerged.. this is wad we get… 3G-ing about the latest situation!! So nice of ken!! but the traffic is kinda heavy so he is stucked somewhere..

The power of technology..! Oh.. btw.. the DEAR in the contact refers to KEN… which belongs to Fab.. not mine ar.. *wuhoho*

Anyhow, at the same time when we were 3G-ing.. tim called and tell me kuching high is in flames!! wuah!! shocked eh.. he is at 3rd mile and he got Gordon as his remote reporter as well! *nyek* I called my dad.. which his office is just nearby kuching high.. and guess what… they witnessed the whole process and no body took a picture of it.. =.=”

Anyway.. thats all from me lah.. after my exam i will gonna look up at the newspaper for more details! lalala! and i hope there is no injuries or any life lost… *hugs*

So for now.. get back to my final revision!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Good luck and all the best for me..! lalala*

Anyway.. during my periods of revision-ing.. thankiuk for those who message me and wish me good luck.. thankiuk for those who wake me up everyday…(tim especially) thankiuk for those who accompany and bring me for dinner.. and most of all… thankiuk steeeeevvveee for sending me home and bring me for breakfast everyday! *hugs*

After 4.40pm later.. i wil be as free as a bird! *lala*